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11-07-2011, 05:03 PM
Text game is something I'm working on, sometimes I feel a girl is very responsive to me, other times not at all.

In this one instance today, I lost a number over what I believe to be a poor choice in my text opener.
So I met this girl last friday, I was actually leaving a party but was waiting for my friend on the porch. 3 girls approach me smiling and ask me questions about my nationality, I did a pretty good job bantering with them and I singled out the cute one in the group. I asked her if she wanted to grab something to eat with me (I used very poor wording in the actual convo because I was really improvising in this situation, i definitely should have told her to come hang out with me at the cafe or something more general) in which case she responded that she wasn't actually hungry. I told her ok, I was gonna run to meet some friends and that if we want to continue our conversation I need her number.

She complied and I put my arm around her and got her info, spontaneously I said thanks and gave her a nice kiss on the lips, which she was pleasantly surprised by. I said "Do you always give away kisses so easily?" with a smile and I kind of walked off (I don't know why, I really should have pressed the attack, got nervous).

All in all, a 5 minute ordeal. I actually came back because I was waiting for my friend but I didn't see the girl after that.

That night about 2 hours later,
me: Hey its your one and only pollock. (callback humor)
her: wth?
me: do you usually forget the men that you kiss?
about 40 minutes later
her: damn... no i remember

I left it at that because I was pretty tired, it was around 3:00 am and I was distracted.

Next night
me: Hey (or something)
her: I didn't get your name last night!
(I think the first thing most text guides tell you is to put your name at the bottom of the first text you send a girl. I completely forgot.)
me: you didn't ask. Come hangout and I'll tell you :)
her: I would but I'm home this weekend :(
(double text)
her: I have you saved in my phone as "hot pollock from xxxxx" hahaha
me: I should change yours to "cute italian/spaniard from xxxx" (this text served no purpose I later realized, was a weak attempt at attr-...something.)
her: yea that is def more fitting.

two days later I was really bored (this is actually today) so i decided to just text her non-seriously and see if i could rebuild that attraction. I had a lot of momentum going into this because she obviously thought I was hot (even after my lame last text), but this is where I fucked up bad.

me: I know we haven't really dated but I think we should stop seeing each other.
her: I think you texted that to the wrong person ?
me: I see you still aren't over me
her: What?
me: We can still be friends of course.
her: I have no idea what you are talking about, we were never dating.
(She was responding fairly quick, but I'm pretty sure, no expert, that this was not how I intended for her to respond. I thought by continuing the game she would catch on but...)
me: They say sarcasm doesn't translate well over texting, but this is getting ridiculous.
her: ok cool.

After that I figured game was over, just gonna leave this one behind.
I realize that there are better lines and I could have started with a more reliable text, but i was going for some roleplaying to start a new thread.

It was a pretty bad line now that I look back at it. I could easily understand how she may have been confused... but I guess I took the risk and got burned. Is this still salvagable?

11-07-2011, 05:38 PM
Reframe the Texting and take control of the situation or give her a call and don't mention anything about the previous lot of text messages (reframe)