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10-30-2011, 10:16 PM
Hey guys, used to lurk the forums...actually need some help haha

I met this girl in July through a group of mutual friends and partied a couple of times through out - never really talked or even had her on FB. In September she came home from school and ended up chatting a bit at a house party which turned out to be an drunken night at a club where we casually danced and talked... nothing amazing.

Anyhow she goes back to school (2.5 hours away from me) but adds me on FB and asks for my phone number. The txt game is going good. positive signs such as receiving msgs saying she's excited to see me again and tell me when she is back which was back in mid october. She come's home again and we meet at another house party - its my bday party but its a huge house party. After some drinking and catching up at the party she finds me randomly and says " Kiss me " than we makeout and even grabbed a pic of us kissing ! The pic goes on Facebook but later she rants to me how her ex bf was yelling at her (they broke up sometime in august) blah blah things are good.

She goes back to school we continue txting ( again the txt game is good ) she came home for halloween and invited me to her house to pre drink before going out on the town. Show up and her ex bf is there? haha all I could say was waaa that hell?

I act all chill and always have my smile on catch up a little. We go downtown she pecks me on the lips a couple of times while waiting for drinks at the bar. She goes home with her ex bf but i found out they didn't hook up and she ended up leaving his place early through a mutual friend of ours.

she msged me while online through fb tho went like this. i went to the good part we had some lame banter b4

her: told me the wrong date so technically i didnt need to coem this weekend for that but im glad i came anyway :)
Her: i have another 2 weeks to wait lol
me: lol ohhhh
me: yeah obv worth seeing me duh
her: exacttlllyy
her: u gunan go out tomorrow night ?
me: r u still in town ?
her: yeah till tueday
me: ohhh i thought u went back to school !
her: nopppeeee here till tuesday :)
me: we should do something tomo than
her: what would u like to do :)
me:watch a scary movie ? lol smash pumpkins
her: hahahah so down

I left it in her court saying text me tomorrow - starting to wonder if i should of said something else. any insights on this girl i actually dig her but not worth all this time put in if shes gonna flake.

10-31-2011, 06:33 PM
Seems a bit like she is using you, but you might f close. You can send a text and be like bring whipped cream or whatever, don't be like are you coming? Just sounds like she still has feelings for her ex and wants to make him jealous, but also in to you. She sounds psycho, I wouldn't want to deal with it lol.

Good Luck.

10-31-2011, 08:27 PM
yeah I felt a bit used somehow hahaha. she never texted so I am movin on next ! I think you might be right she is a little crazy... its a shame... psycho girls seem to be the best in bed.