View Full Version : Told Her I Like Her, Now Need Advice, Here's My Situation

10-12-2011, 08:15 AM
I told this girl I like her (both of us are in college), she was very surprised and didn't expect it from me because she thinks I'm fairly closed off with most people, (except my best friends) and put on a "tough" front. I asked if we would ever be "more than friends" she said she doesn't know for sure and "won't say 'no'" but she DOES wants to keep hanging out with me and my MORE OPEN self to know me better and "see what happens." (I wrote her a long letter explaining everything I thought, my history, etc.) She is VERY adamant that she's not friend-zoning me, and she seems concerned that I might walk away from her for good, because I like her a lot and it would be torture to see her like a friend, knowing we will never be more. Right now she does want to see me (she says that) but is very busy like me but she said she'd "make time for me," whatever that means.

**Do you think she might like me and doesn't want to say it?
**Do you think she really does ONLY want to be friends?

Any suggestions or general thoughts/advice as to what I should do?

*Just an FYI, I had to text her that I like her (well hint obviously, then confirm it when she asked) because of this: a week ago I was planning to see her for several hours and tell her at the end, something unexpected came up and I only saw her for like 20 minutes (car trouble), we texted the rest of that night and I was so frustrated that I didn't have the chance as was SO distracted by it, that I couldn't sleep. Late at night I told her, and we texted throughout the next day about it and that leads into the start of my post.