View Full Version : Philippines....Cebu and Mindanao

10-07-2011, 08:42 AM

Well i will arrive end of october in the Visayas and later on go to Mindanao.
Do some traveling and some sarging as well. As i will stay half a year.

I am a little bit older: 44,4 years young (caucasian) and like daygame..Although i frequent nightlife as well, but less and less...As it takes me so much time to recover these days. haha Still livemusic is hard to resist.

first will stay a little while in Cebu and then decide to go to other places.
I will not join the local philippine forums..because now i already have to much obligations on the internet.
Beside ladies i like food and to enjoy with a beer sometimes....FUN is always number ONE for me..these days i like to work on patterns and apply them on the ladies.

see you,