View Full Version : Took too long. How do I recover?

09-14-2011, 12:53 PM
Met this girl, got her very attracted to me, but I was too hesitant and scared to escalate.

We've made out a few times, have been on 7 or 8 dates, met each other's friends, etc...but I'm starting to feel her losing interest. As a result, I find myself pursuing her harder to try to get her interest level back up.

Now, I've realized my mistake so the next time the situation allows, i'm going to go for the f-close.....but is it too late? In the past 2 weeks or so, it's been a lot harder to get her out for a date.

How can I revive her attraction/interest when i can feel it fading? I'm thinking about taking a step back and seeing if she'll chase me, but is that even possible if the girl is already losing interest?

09-14-2011, 01:13 PM
You could revieve her interest with phone or text game, talking about the fun night ahead and making non-creepy sexual puns. But 7-8 dates? Really?

No offense, I'm surprised she's even still interested at all at this point. You definitely should've escalated when you had the chance, although your chances are damaged, they're not dead. Also, if she flakes anything more than once, stop contact and onto the next one. You'd be wasting your time after that point.