View Full Version : Portland PUA looking for a wing

09-11-2011, 07:33 PM
Hello to you all! I live here in Portland Oregon and returning to the game from a two year relationship. It has been four weeks for me back into pick up and so far, though a little rusty, my success is consistent. As I scanned the Oregon section I noticed most were to old to reply in, so I just made a new thread to see if anyone in Portland wants to run some pick up. I fully understand the phases and work the cold approach plus a little mind magic and NLP from time to time. What brings me to posting is I just moved to Portland and would like a wing for wing techniques, and just to have a friend in field with me. I presented, proved, and taught three others in the last city I lived. I want to dedicate at least two days/nights a week to "Game". My score is easily over 50! I will leave an email address I created for anyone interested in Portland "Game". The only thing I expect is for you to have some PUA knowledge and able to meet me downtown. But we can work all that out through this email: XaphanGAME@yahoo.com

10-08-2013, 10:06 PM
Still interested in a wing man? Just got back from the PUA SuperConference in Vegas.