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09-09-2011, 02:29 AM
Here's the deal

- month ago had a training @ work
- this beautifull girl comes sitting next to me...game on!
- we're having lot of fun and add eachother on the chatprogram work provides.
- we have great chats and she's giving me major IOI's. At one moment she actually tells me she thinks of me when she masturbates.
- she tells me she doenst date guys from work and go out with a guy when it isnt serious
- couple a days later I succeed in arranging a date. I make her lasagne and we watch a movie. Got some kino going on but dont escalate.
- some days later its my birthday and she wants to make out as a birtday gift which we do
- she has very little time to see mee because she's very busy (true) but she tells me she really wants to see mee so she's comming over. We make out en start some foreplay but i forgot about time and her alarm rings because she has to get to a meeting.
- next week same thing
- 2 days later she tells me that she doesn't know where this is leading beacause of her having so little time.
- i tell her its no problem (which i really ment at that time)
- 2 days later she tells me her feelings arent enough for het to MAKE time and for her its better if we quit. That was last sunday

Since then she never initiate contact (no ping, no talk, no chat)

I initiate one short chat about the clothes a girl she hates was wearring (really redicules clothes :p). And when we see eachother @ work in the hallways we greet and smile to eachother

Problem is is that this girl is so much cooler than all the other girls i dated last years that i just cannot next her just like that.

You guys got any advice of how to handle this?

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no one?