View Full Version : How to have 2 days full of Fun with a girl (long distance girl visits)?

08-31-2011, 04:22 AM
hi there!

slept with a girl 2 times. But it cooled off a bit and not sure if i won her over. We talked a lot on the phone, so she knows most of my stories already. She is long distance away and visits me in a few days.

Right now i am preparing a 'program' that shall be fun, stuff we do. She comes in afternoon, stays overnight and leaves in afternoon.

some reminder-notes i did for myself for behaving:
- tease her, mimic her faces and hand gestures and voicetone, fake fights, slap her, sligthly bump her into things, give her suspicious looks, bump her ass with your ass, tickle her, spin her
fun-role like her not-behaving girl, me father-figure
not afraid to piss her off and give her some drama
push pull 'come heeere + hug..' ok, thats enough + push away

- do fun roleplay when we shop of being arrogant older stylish couple

- fun questions like:
which superpower would you like to have?
(anyone got more?)

- some ongoing games/challenges could be fun. Like when going into museum. Or going to bars, when we go to all bars (clumped in one space) one after the other quickly
Don't know which games one could play, to what i could challenge her

- going deeper rapport if opportunity arises

- dominant sex

- just being in the moment and having fun

- we shopping together, her cooking, me helping (she talked about cooking for me a lot)

- going out bar-crawl and some dancing (she is total party girl)
(some adventure game / challenge would be great instead of just going out)
Thing is i don't know many people, i plan to send texts to everyone i know saying that i will go out and they can text me - so we perhaps meet people.

next day:
- going to cool museum (some adventure game / challenge would be great instead of just going to museum)

- eventually zoo.
don't know how long she will stay.

Any Comments appreciated!

The most what i am looking for is 'games' / challenges one could do in
the museum
the bar-hopping
public transport

What would you do if you had a long distance away girl come over and you want to have 2 great days with her? Day2 adventure ideas i guess is what i am looking for.

greets and thanks!

08-31-2011, 11:21 AM
My man I think you are set! Really just play it cool. Its gonna be labor day weekend. So you know shes gonna wanna get crazy go an enjoy it!

08-31-2011, 11:28 AM
Now that you have it all planned out and written down throw it away. If you're gonna follow this step-by-step plan it won't be spontaneous. Especially the behavior and roleplay things and what kinda questions you are gonna ask her are gonna kill you man. It's gonna stress you out.

You already nailed her twice so it shouldn't be awkward. Just have fun. At night go barhopping (like you suggested) but don't plan the whole thing out. See where it takes you bro.

Have fun

08-31-2011, 11:35 AM
I agree its gonna look like you are grocery shopping.