View Full Version : Nightclubbing alone?

08-26-2011, 12:40 AM

Can it ever work in someone's favour?

Your experiences and viewpoints, please.

08-26-2011, 12:55 AM
Well in theory, you cold approach a mixed or a male group as soon as you enter the venue. That should also work very well, unless you get so nervous about displaying hv that you hit incongruousness and seem weird, like me. Be friends with men. I've seen a guy open every mixed group successfully only by commenting someone's t-shirt in a very indirect manner. That's bars, you obviously need something a tad higher energy for clubs. And you have to lie. Takeaways, cool friends waiting for you around the place... I suck at cold approaching, so far the game for me has mainly been playing women who are somehow inside or near my social circle. So listen to someone else, but this is your answer either way.

08-26-2011, 07:57 AM
Dance clubs really are not good spots to do pickup since a majority of them DO NOT have a spot where there is a lot of activity/energy yet the music isn't deafening. Going to a bar alone - perfectly fine. Done it many times. Met many interesting people with such experiences. Just go in and be open. High energy (not meaning hyper/crazy but rather just a high amount of social energy ready to pounce on any opportunity to talk and carry discussions with anyone around you), a smile and swagger (self-confidence) are a must. Have a good time - meet people.

One of my best friends, a fellow member of the PUA community, I met one night to a bar when I went alone (no homo story). Went in with a smile, started a conversation with me and two of the bartenders for a bit (busy night - dont expect them to hang around) and when asked what I wanted to drink I ordered 2 bottles of Bud Light (on special - 2 for $5 works for me). Why 2? Well this fool was wearing this outrageous shirt that ready "I am with stupid" with an arrow pointing up to his face. I thought it was hilarious and I wanted to salute him for the ballsyness of his shirt.

Needless to say that broke the ice, talked to him about random shit, learned he is an active member of PUA communities and immediately found a new wing. That night I met over 20 people, made out with 3 chicks and got 4 numbers. He made out with 2 chicks, got 5 numbers and took one of the two girls he made out with home with him.

This is just one of the stories I have from going out to bars alone. Some of the people you meet and the situations you can get in when going out alone are interesting, to say the least. Also I believe if you cannot do 'pick up' alone how in hell do you suspect you are able to do it with a wing or a group? Must become self-sufficient first. Highly advise doing solo game - if going to bars alone is uncomfortable to you then start out with day game.

Good luck :p