View Full Version : How do you pursue girls after brief introduction?

08-2011-20, 02:31 PM
I met a girl at a bar and she was introduced me by a mutual friend. Girl is hands down an HB10.. I talked to her for about 15 minutes about the places we enjoy traveling to.. and turns out she lives down the street from me..

A friend came and pulled her away to go to the bathroom and she told me to wait for her.. but she never came back.. So I have never had a chance to number close...

It looks my only option is to use facebook or hope that I run into her again... I friended our mutual friend on facebook and still waiting for her response.. It was easy to look up the HB10 on facebook due to her name and our mutual friends..

Should I just try friending the HB10 and talking to her on FB? I don't want to come off as creepy and stalkerish... Does anyone have any sly tatics for this?

08-2011-20, 07:46 PM
That sounds like something to can in my honest opinion. If she was truly interested she would have most likely returned. Unless her friend is really jealous it looks like she just helped the HB10 bail out... An high value male wouldn't even give that a second thought since he has many options to consider. Don't DLV by Facebook stalking.

08-2011-21, 10:14 AM
I would disagree. You have nothing to lose man. You don't know what happened. She told you to wait and maybe an emergency came up, maybe her friend was cock blocking, maybe.....who knows.

I would take a few days and friend her on FB. Not to soon to appear stalker-sih. Just play your cards right, after a few days, 5-6-7, just send a teasing msg and befriend her. "Hey........sorry I had to go the other night a friend was in an accident (os some crap) so I had to go help..........how was your night?"

Anyways my point is msg her in a way you dont seem needy, desperate or stalkerish. You said she seemed interested so try it. Again you will get 0% of the girls you dont try on. For DLV, if you FB her after 3 hours and send her 3 msg the same day then yes it will be a DLV. If not, again nothing to be embarassed about, trust me HB10s know what a stalker is and when he is stalking. Send her 1 msg, if it fails then drop her.

Thats IMO
Show as she didnt ditch you but you had to ditch her.

08-2011-21, 10:23 AM
If she was attracted to you, she would not have flaked out. It's that simple. Even if something came up, she would have at least come back to tell you she had to go. However, there still may be some hope.

You could give her a message calling her out on her behavior. The more men don't punish this behavior, the more women do it.

"Hey girl,

I was just wondering what happened to you the other night? I didn't expect you to flake out. No one likes women who have them wait up on her and not show. That's kinda rude."

Do not tell her you had a good time talking to her.

A message like that, or simply not messaging her is the best way to go. Sometimes it's not worth the trouble.

08-2011-23, 03:35 PM
Myself, i would write something like this...........

"I was wondering if your friend took you on some special mission through the toilet entrance to another dimension. Did everything go alright? I did wait a while for you to return but the mission must have been longer than you expected"

08-2011-23, 06:37 PM
UPDATE: Friended the mutual friend and she accepted.... And I just friended the HB10 and she accepted...

Don't you think it sounds lame if you bring up the fact that she had to go to the bathroom with a friend? I think that comes off sounding needy. I feel like it would be better to just message her on one of the following things

-we were having a good conversation and had a connection
-she likes to travel
-she lives down the street from me..

08-2011-23, 08:04 PM
i think i am going to go with the simple... "Hey. It was nice meeting you the other night! We should grab a drink sometime." line.. i know it breaks the rules but i feel like it is a high risk/high reward scenario. What do you guys think?

08-2011-23, 08:54 PM
sometime implies too much ambiguity and is vague. i would suggest going for a more solid meet up.