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08-09-2011, 08:43 AM
Hey guys,

I have created a group with some friends. It is a personal development group.

We meet regularly to help each other to improve some aspects of our personality.

We all have some weak points that prevent us getting ahead in life.

This is a group for teaching and learning. And it is especially based on practice.

We can develop in some areas like :

- Non-verbal communication
- Developing confidence
- Public speaking
- Overcoming shyness
- Seducing a girl
- Making friends, dealing with friends
- Stress at work
- Relationships at work
- etc

We do not only focus on PUA, but of course PUA is also a part of our activities.

If you are very motivated and want to know more, please send me a private message.

We will then meet in the Cork city centre to discuss it.




10-13-2011, 12:26 PM
Hey guys,

To give you an update of what's going on in Cork. We decided to create two different groups :

- Cork Personal Development 2011
This group is more general, it's everything that can help to make our life better.

- Cork PUA 2011
This group is only focusing on PUA, day game and night game, going out (during the day or the night) and training, sharing our resources (books, videos, website), but also our knowledge, skills and experiences.