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08-08-2011, 05:20 PM

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In this interview series, Dating Coaches Braddock, Bullet, and Vercetti discuss how older men can date younger women.

According to Bullet, older men have to radically change their approach if they’re more than 10 years older than the woman they have eyes on. Older men should avoid going direct because this forces women to make an instant decision based on their thin slice and physical appearance. Thus, they need to include a softener in their approach to buy them enough time to showcase their personality.

In addition, many older men have self-limiting beliefs they run into when it comes to dating younger women. Many believe they can’t date younger women and that they shouldn’t even approach them because they’ll get blown out. In order to avoid a negative reinforcement cycle, it’s recommended for older men to start meeting women 5 years their junior. As they get better, they can start meeting and dating younger women. Building up these positive referent experiences puts them in a better position to attract the women they want.

For men that have gone through divorces, a divorce can understandably cause negative mindsets. Dating Coach Braddock mentions that older men should not look for the next girl to fill all the needs their ex-wife did, to fix them, and that they shouldn’t think about jumping into a relationship too quickly. Sleeping with a woman a few times will provide a better gauge on whether or not a man should proceed with a relationship.

Bullet mentions that the eight attraction switches outlined in Magic Bullet still apply, but some have more emphasis than others such as social intuition and wealth. For older men, social intuition is highly important because their age has to be taken into account. Most younger women have a stigma to being “picked up” by an older guy and thus, showcasing attraction towards her is not recommended. If her friends are around, it’s better to get a woman’s phone number and use Phone/Text game for a meetup. In addition, if you can show that you’re supporting yourself financially, that you’ve been successful in the past, and you’re able to subtly drop these details in your stories, women will be able to pick up on that.

In fact, older men should understand as well as embrace the assumed traits that come with their age. Most women view older men as established, centered, able to deal with the trials of life, wiser with money, better with relationships, and having more life experiences than younger men. In addition, younger women view older men as being able to offer direction and as knowing how to please women due to their past. Bullet says there are 6 things a woman needs in a relationship: She has to be appreciated and valued for her individuality, feel her man is supportive of her, have good sex, have a deep closeness and emotional intimacy with her man, feel like a woman, and feel mentally led and stimulated by her partner. If you can touch upon this in comfort as well as demonstrate this, then you’ll be in an excellent position.

Braddock, Bullet, and Vercetti also mention what older men should expect when dating younger women. Younger women use state-based attraction, and it’s not uncommon for other guys to steal the woman you’re attracting. It happens to even the best dating coaches, and you have to accept this fact. Meeting women during the day time and social circles usually has less competition, and might lead to better results. In addition, sexual calibration is very important. Attraction is like blowing up a balloon. Older men should start out by being the interesting guy, but once the balloon reaches critical mass, it’s time to pull the trigger. In addition, older men have to be more conservative with escalation to avoid coming across as creepy. However, when a woman’s body softens and tilts towards them, that’s when they should know that it’s on.

Bullet also mentions that having a Facebook profile and understanding how to deal with your age are small changes that can immediately make your dating life better. The Facebook profile should showcase your value and interesting life (travels, pictures with women that you want to attract but obviously aren’t try hard photos). You should avoid putting your age on your profile and if women ask how old you are, spin it around and ask, “How old do you think I am?” If you like the answer they provide, simply add 1 year to that age. Although this seems dishonest, some younger women will disqualify you initially based on your age, and using this tactic will buy you time to showcase your personality and attractiveness.

With these details and information in mind, you’ll be better equipped to attract the younger women you want.

Jack Greezy
08-08-2011, 05:41 PM
I wanna be like Bullet when I grow up!

10-21-2012, 10:59 AM
In fact I have more than I have time for.

If they ask my age, I tell them. I don't escalately slowly. That's for losers.

I dated Ms. Runnerup Hawaii who was 22. If you saw the 29-year old I'm dating you would be floored.

Some women like older men, some don't.

Some women like 20-something guys and some women are over it.

Who cares?

Just keep opening and you will get laid...

10-21-2012, 11:00 AM
Oh, I'm 50...

03-14-2016, 01:09 AM
Oh, I'm 50... i love online dating