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08-08-2011, 05:12 PM

-Dating Coaches Braddock, Vercetti, and Mr. M elaborate on the topic of deep rapport. Deep rapport is about building a very strong connection with a woman. Dating Coach Vercetti describes deep rapport as learning about people past their public personality they put on in front of others they’re not familiar with, or are in the process of getting to know. Getting in deep rapport allows you to learn the core values that drive a woman’s personality.

-Dating Coach Braddock explains a mistake that guys make with deep rapport, and that is getting deep into topics that are incongruent with her identity. You must get into deep rapport topics based on her passions and life goals in order to build a strong and sincere connection.

-When you try to link her passions back to yours, you must be genuine. If you are getting into deep rapport in a fake manner, then you will be incongruent and fail to develop a true connection.

-Timing is important when building deep rapport. There must be attraction at first for you to get into deeper topics. Wide rapport is when you cover basic topics and don’t get too deep. Wide rapport is not too serious, and there is more room for humor and teasing.

-It is important to know when to get into deep rapport. For example, you cannot prolong attraction. Sure, the girl may be attracted to you and be having a good time, but there comes a time where you need to solidify the attraction and get to the next level. You must ease into qualification and comfort. If you get straight into it, it can ruin the dynamics of the interaction and throw everything off. Here is an example Braddock uses to ease into the next stage:

Braddock: “so why are you attracted to me?”

Girl: “Who said I was?”

Braddock: “Don’t bullshit me, I’m obviously attracted to you. Why are you attracted to me?”

Instead of jumping straight into qualification or comfort, he slows down the interaction both by himself and the girl. He eases into it slowly rather than putting a sudden stop into the progression/interaction. This allows for a smooth transition into comfort for both Braddock and the girl.

-Do not get into push/pull wars with the girl, because it will just keep going. It is crucial to ease into qualification and comfort.

-A good way to get into deep rapport is to find parts of the conversation to relate to. Dating Coach Mr. M states that he likes to find interesting things about the girl, and then relate to them. All girls are different, so questions on deep rapport will vary. Some topics will be deeper than others.

-One way Dating Coach Braddock gets into deep rapport is by asking many surface level questions, and then later tying them together and allows him to assume certain things abou the girl.
-Dating Coach Vercetti mentions that you must be willing to open up as well as the girl. If you do not open up, the girl will not be able to bond with you and build a true connection. If the girl is not Opening up, then something must have been done early on to cause it. You may have not generated enough attraction, or she feels you are not attracted to her.

-Dating Coach Braddock mentions how many guys make the mistake of getting into deep rapport too early. If you go too heavy with deep rapport questions early on, then she will not be willing to open up. You must also make sure there is enough attraction built before going heavy with deep rapport questions.

-As mentioned earlier, deep rapport is give and take. If you are not willing to invest yourself in her, then she will not do the same to you. Braddock mentions that you must also be non-judgmental in order for her to open up to you. It is vital to understand the girl, and she must feel understood as well.

-You must be careful with deep rapport. It can hurt people if you are just seeking something casual such as a same night lay. It can also end you up in the friend zone if executed poorly.

-Jumping into deep rapport too early is a mistake. Vercetti mentions an example of it being like a psychiatric meeting. If you jump too early, you will come on like a psychiatrist just asking personal questions. No woman wants that. There must be some attraction and playfulness generated before.

-It is vital to reward the girls for getting into deep rapport with you. You must let her know that you appreciate her Opening up to you.

-You will know you are in deep rapport when the girl is investing into you and getting deep into topics. There will also be a sense of deep comfort.

-It is important to get into deep rapport with the right topic. For example, if you ask her a question and she gives a dull answer, let it go. If she gives an enthusiastic and passionate answer, then it is a green light to get deeper with it.

-As mentioned earlier, be careful with deep rapport. You can build a strong connection and be hooked to her, and the same can happen the other way around. There is potential for both people to get hurt.

-Deep rapport must be genuine. You must dig down deep inside her and connect on it. If you fake it, there will be no connection. You must also appreciate her inner character when she gets deep in order to build a stronger connection.

-If you make compliments to her based on the things she has talked about, and state them at the right time, she will appreciate it and the connection will be solidified.

-Deep Rapport is so strong, as you can see during the interview there was not much joking. It goes to show how deep the topic can be.