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12-14-2005, 08:22 PM
it seems like a lot of girls are superficial airheads where im from...are there "dumbed-down" openers that can be used? i tried the "fort" opener that someone else posted up "hey you look pretty smart am i right? ...so if i asked you four common sense questions you would answer them all correctly? 1) what do kids build and play in the their backyards (or something)? 2) There is a city called ___ Lauderdale 3) how do you spell 'fort?' 4) what do you eat your cereal with?
AMAZINGLY some girls cant get past the first question like 'huh...? in their backyards...? ummmm...."
maybe its the way the firt question is structured?
...maybe they're just dumb.
any thoughts?

12-14-2005, 08:26 PM
Oh, forget about it!
Ditz or not... put anybody into a club environment, with loud music, a couple of drinks in 'em, and the stress of a complete stranger walking up to them and they're NEVER going to be able to answer those questions.
Keep it simple: "Is Brad Pitt hot or not?"
"How long would it take you to get into bed with Brad Pitt?"
You're such a little slut. ;)

12-14-2005, 08:32 PM
found it...

Now for my 100% opener...ive used it countless times, and not once has it failed. Im 21, so i tend to go for college girls but ive also had it working on older women as well. Here it is...
I walk up to a girl (remember 3 seconds is key...you dont wanna look like a weirdo) look her up and down real fast and say, "ya look pretty smart, am I right?" (leading her into the yes answer). Girls always say yes so I keep going, I continue, "so if i asked you 4 common sense questions you think youd answer all of them right?"...also a yes answer. "How about I bet you a napkin that you wont?". Everytime ive done it the girls always say yes (this works even better in a set so her friends can see and laugh along too). Then you go into the questions...
The four questions...are in order..
1.) What do little kids build in the woods to have adventures in? (forts)
2.) There is a city in florida called ____ Lauderdale (fort)
3.) How do you spell fort? (f.o.r.t)
4.) What do you eat cereal with? (fork)
Now, after reading it you might think..who the hell is gonna say fork? Well in my abnormal psych class our teacher has tested this with over 200 participants and found that less then 1 percent of people answer spoon. Its a mind trick people play on themselves...but it has to be verbal..so just reading it you might not see it...so try asking it to someone...its great to see people defending their decision about eating cereal with a fork lol.
After I talk her up afterwards, i either try to take her home or if im busy say "hey you still owe me that napkin, how bout you put your number on it and ill call ya sometime". Now im pretty confident, and a good looking guy ive never had a girl say no to askin for her number...but ya also have to put sometime into it...no girls just gonna give her number to some random guy who comes up to her and asks for it. I've never gotten a fake number or had a girl flake out, so whacha guys think about that opener? Oh and try it out on friends first if ya wanna use it, just so u can get it down...trust me its worked for me and my friends.

12-14-2005, 09:15 PM
As I remember the thread, there was a lot of criticism of that approach.
I'm not saying it didn't work for the guy who wrote it. I'm just saying that it seems way too complicated to me, and considering that you didn't get a positive response from it... you might try something else. Of course, it's hardly scientific to draw any conclusions based on one or two attempts, so it's probably just academic at this point. But I'd personally spend my time and effort testing easier stuff, first.
Unless, of course, you're targetting PhD candidates. Christ, I went to Berkeley and I'm not sure I would have been able to figure out the answers to those questions if I wasn't reading them.
Just my .02. Go for the low-lying fruit.
- Rolex (A Berkeley grad who can't spell.)

12-14-2005, 09:36 PM
Keep in mind guys, you're opener should have a purpose or reason as to why you are asking the question.
It's not so much the question, but these girls are thinking, "I don't even know this guy, why the fuck is he asking me about little kids in woods, florida, a spelling contest, and what I eat my cereal with?".
Try using an opinion opener.

12-14-2005, 10:06 PM
or a much easier and simpler game is this:
"how to you spell silk?"
"right, now what do cows drink?"
unless she's heard it before 9 out of 10 will say milk, but cows produce milk, they don't drink it, they drink water.