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07-28-2011, 03:11 PM
Ok so I recently started going to college and i didnt know anyone at first but then i started to meet girls in my class. I have met a girl in class and she was very cool, we talk about sex, i talked about my previous dates and said that i prefer not to have a girlfriend and my previous dates were not my girlfriends, they were "friends with benefits", she said that its cool to have relationships like that. But the problem is that when i try to escalate physically, she doesnt comply. We touch eachothers hands but dont hold them or cross fingers while holding hands. We also share lollipops and drink beer from the same bottle, so its like kissing, she also said that a year before she would have never done that with another guy who isnt her boyfriend. Ok so it seems like im going to study tomorrow to her house, how can i kiss her or... at first grab her hand and improve my relationship with her?

She never told a guy she loved them, i didnt tell any girl i loved her, and we both like that.

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You seem to kind of be all over the place here...Have you read Magic Bullets yet? If you haven't I think that will at least enlighten you on a few of the things you've posted about

08-04-2011, 09:12 AM
It doesn't sound like you've made your intentions clear.

Going over to someone's house to study is not automatically presumed to be sexual in nature. So that's a bad start.

You wanna make your intentions clear? Take her on a date, around 10pm, to a place with dim lighting and couch seating (rather than tradition table & chair) and a lounge feel. She'll get the hint.

And like the previous guy said, if you haven't read Magic Bullets, do it.

08-07-2011, 03:57 AM
Well, yesterday i went to her house and played a little bit. We watched a movie in her leather couch and i started to throw a leather bag at her (Not viollently) we were playing with a lighter and teasing eachother about burning our hairs and that kind of stuff. We had a great time but i cant find the moment to escalate on her. I tried holding her hands but no response yet she does show some interest like leaning in, crossing her legs towards me, touching my arms. I have been between attraction and comfort phase for a while and i want to escalate phisically. What can i do to escalate physically?

Pd:She has a boyfriend and she said its cool that i have no strings attached relationships. I have already read magic bllets about a year or two ago, im starting to read it again.

08-07-2011, 05:58 PM
....crossing her legs towards me

Try to get her to open her legs towards you. :D

I think you may have to work on kino-ing.