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05-18-2011, 01:57 AM
Been doing PU properly for about 6 months, and been doing pretty ok for the most part. I've recently being hanging with a girl from my social circle, pretty damn close to my personal 10. In person she's real bubbly, and there are quite a few IOIs. I haven't k closed her yet... because:

She's really distant via text / facebook... I'll be trying to set something up and she'll appear into it BUT add something like "I'll see"... then bail. Now, I've KNOWN this girl for prob about 2 years, but we never really spoke at all, to be fair. Recently we spent time together working on a certain project that required us to spend the guts of two days together...

Now I've invited her out to a couple of high value events, she's shown middling interest, and cancelled yesterdays plans that afternoon... The bubbliness & IOIs in person is throwing me off, big time... If she was as distant in person as she is over text / fb, I would definately not be confused, I would simply move on...

Any advice on this?

A) Do I call her out on it, casually - along the lines of "Hey listen I've been inviting you to alot of cool things lately that I think you'd really love, but you're making it difficult for us to spend time together, whats up?"

B) Tell her over text / FB that I think she's awesome and THATS why i wanna spend time with her...


C) Keep plugging away with what I'm doing "Hey you gotta come check out this party" and HOPE one of them hits

The first two are pretty AFC, i know, but gaming isn't getting me anywhere...

05-18-2011, 09:31 AM
I'm sure it has nothing to do with your phone and online game,she's probably bubbly because that's the way she is.She is in a social circle and so she is trying to be sociable and probably you mistook it for some IOI's (what exactly did she do?)what type of social circle are we talking about?all guys,all girls or both guys and girls ?is she flirting with other guys as well?if she is,then she is an attention whore.A whole strategy is needed for that one.If that's not the case,u need her to know you find her attractive by going direct or she will just see you as an orbiter trying to get her to parties.

05-19-2011, 03:42 AM
Thanks for the reply. We have a couple of mates in common, maybe 5-6 at the most.

Her IOIs included just being very giggly, laughing at all my jokes (even the terrible ones), getting me to look at her portfolio looking for my opinion, inviting me back to her house, choosing to sit beside me in a full room, there are MANY others that I've just forgotten but noticed them at the time as they were happening. So much so that my AFC friend pulled me aside and asked me what was up, if there was something going on between us. I never escalated though, and only had mild kino going on.

She isn't flirting with other guys as far as I can tell, except being very chatty on fb to alot of people, which is cool cos if she wasn't then I'd hate that :P

She's not really an attention whore, i wouldn't worry about that. I'm interested to know the pros / cons of going direct at this point (halfway through second day of a total freeze out)... I've got an awesome party tomorrow that I'd love to bring her to :P

Thanks again

05-19-2011, 07:56 AM
Don't throw it all on the line. I don't think she is quite there yet.

Act disinterested next time you 2 hang out and let us know how she responds. Does she try harder for your attention

05-19-2011, 09:10 AM
Cheers for the input M, thing is i dont think we'll get to see each other in person naturally for a while. But I can definately act disinterested via text / FB

05-19-2011, 11:18 AM
yea, i see where M is driving at,he's talking about active disinterest.but there is an art to it.if you tell her straight "I like you"
it's not going to work.

first of all,have the subtext in your mind.."u are an HB10,but there should be more than it meets the eye,what's so special about you?are you someone who fits into my category of women ?(don't say this to her!)

...then you tell her she's kinda cute but you want to know her better because beauty is common.

if u get a negative reaction,disqualify yourself like you are not looking for a relationship, you are just getting to know her...and see where it goes from there.

aim:qualify yourself to her and make her qualify herself to you(you are the prize,now she has to win you)

pros:-she won't look for someone else
-women love men who are honest
-going direct by touching and body language paves the way

cons:-she might tell you she's not into you.cool,then you know you are not wasting your time.
-she tells you she has a bf,use a bf destroyer..if it doesn't work,then you know you are not wasting your time.