View Full Version : Batman seeks a DAYTIME Robin for some wicked day game :D

04-2011-20, 05:20 PM
Hey mates - I am a 26 yr old finance graduate, currently laid off. A rock n roller to the bone and loves to have fun and a good time (no i dont dress emo with spikes coming out of any part of my clothing). I was born in dubai lived in australia and pakistan and can speak bad polish german arabic urdu farsi. Looking for DAYTIME WINGMAN where i can push him/motivate him if he has approach anxiety and he can push me. My schedule is pretty flexible and have a lot of spare time. Looking to UP my game and help out my wing and seeks the same. I do tend to email/fb close but kinda step back on number closes, but again i also dont have that extra push aka AA but i hope we can help out each other.So i am pretty laid back, msg me and LETS EFFIN CONQUER :D


04-2011-21, 07:07 PM
Summer is almost here...cmonnnn :D....Lets do this