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04-01-2011, 07:34 AM
...Been in the game as long as "The Game" came out. Even though I was a bit young I managed to get into an LDR + LTR with an HB 8.5 5 years older than me about 2 years ago. Managed to get 3somes, 4somes, club seductions e.t.c you name it.

However, I never had an actually GOOD, wingman to be by my side. Recently Ive been going out with a friend who is just as good as me, but we need more people WHO ARE DIRECT, CONFIDENT, AND HAVE CONNECTIONS TO GET INTO MANY PLACES IN THE CITY.

If your game is on point!
If you are attractive... (I'm not Gay, but I want to be around good looking people, no offense to you ugly people)
If you have no AA!
If you have connections to nightlife in NYC!
If you have you'r own place in the city!

Then un-imaginable things can be accomplished starting now!

I am not an instructor, I dont charge to go out and other BS things these Con-Artists do.

I am just an above ordinary kid that has a great appetite for beautiful woman.

Please PM me, we can set up a night to go out such as TONITE FRIDAY or TOMMOROW SAT!... or anytime...

If you are not sure who you are working with, all I have to say is try me :-)

Yah Im cocky But Im confident Players!:cool: