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01-06-2006, 07:53 AM
Ok, so your cell phone voicemail is a very personal thing. If you're like me, and work a grown up job - you gotta stay professional, while at the same time keep it interesting enough for your personal calls. I came up with a nice little solution: Get a girl to record it for you. Find someone with a sexy/receptionist type voice, and have her record a normal message. "Hello, you have reached the voice mail of xxxx, I'm sorry he's not available right now - but please leave a message and he will return your call" (That's what mine says) Anytime you can't answer your phone - you get instant social proof anyway.
I've been trying to have some more fun with this recently - and have started getting girl I'm sarging to record a new message for me. Either the first night, after I have bounced them once or twice, or on day two. (There's gotta be enough comfort to make this not weird). But, I use it as an IOI/SOI. 'Hey, lets do something fun. I think you have a really sexy voice - I want you to record a message for me..."
If a HB ever gets my voicemail - The message is always 'my secretary at work,' and there's another DHV right there.
Just some thoughts...