View Full Version : Could this cause a flake?

03-17-2011, 08:23 AM
We have been speaking for a month and get on well but have only had one date but really like eachother. Anyway she asked me if I told my friends about her. I was like "what friends" she says "yours" I said "yea told them ur really sweet and lovely looking. I asked why she cos I asked her. She's flaked 3 times tho.

One said what was this the other one u mentioned and I said no she is new" she seemed concerned I said "he knew about a good looking girl I had spoke about before but I just got her number" She went "oooh ok" and the phone cut off but her phone does this 2 times a day. She shouldn't be annoyed because she said yesterday some guy called and asked her out and that although she feels our connection she isn't rushing into anything and is keeping her options open. I was half asleep so she knew I wasn't sure what I was saying but I didn't mean it that way and were meant to meet tonight and tried calling back but not heard anything.