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02-21-2011, 02:50 PM
Hey guys, I'm a sophomore in college who got out of a relationship this past semester and this semester i've been living the life hooking up with so many HBs on my campus. I'm willing to give it all up though if i find the right girl, or at least have something serious but like an open relationship. this past week I met this girl at the bars through one of my good friends and we ended up hooking up a lot that night. the next day, she asked me to be her valentine and I said yes. we spent valentine's night together watching a movie at 8 in her bed and then staying up til 4 in the morning talking and kissing. the next day we met up again and studied and then watched a movie and cuddled and kissed a lot. the next day, we tried to study again but we ended up just having an intense hook up for hours, but she said we weren't going to have sex, because the only people she's ever had sex with she was in love with or were her best friends. the day after that, we went to the bars and we ended up going back to my room and we were really drunk and she's really kinky and she was begging for it and we had sex for a minute before she stopped us and left because she was upset that we went so far so fast. in her words "it's normal for people to hook up and stuff, but not everyone has sex." anmd i can understamnd how she wants to wait. so the next morning it was wierd but we worked things out and went back to normal, but MY PROBLEM IS that she gives me all these mixed signals: kissing me tenderly and affectionately and doing sweet things for me, but then saying we shouldn't hold hands and that i'm just a "random guy," because she's hardly known me for a week. so i wasn't sure if she wanted to get more serious or just be hook up buddies. she went away for the weekend and came back yesterday and we went to the bars and came back and got dirty in the lounge in our building and then went back to her room where we went crazy on each other. we stayed up so late and when she started sobering up i could tell something was bothering her and she explained to me that she feels like all we are are sex buddies, but she knows we both like each other and she doesn't want us to just be all about sex. Also, she had a 4 year relationship in H.S. and a 10 month relationship that just ended a month ago and she just transfered to my school so he's completely out of the picture. so i was being understanding and today I'm not sure what to do. do i just not try anything sexual with her and just try to develop our relationship more and see where things go? i don't want to lose this girl i think she's amazing. any advice would be great guys. she obviously regrets moving to fast sexually, but when we're both drunk i can't help turning her on so much and she fiends for my cock lol :D

02-21-2011, 07:16 PM
Dude how about some paragraphs. You're in college, come on.

02-24-2011, 01:05 PM
What outtothebar said.

I just read the middle a bit but I believe she is testing you.

02-24-2011, 02:17 PM

College ain't what it used to be. Joe McCarthy, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Socrates used to run the entire university system, and they'd punch you in the mouth if you were an idiot. I'm a history major, so I know that's a fact.

03-06-2011, 02:27 PM
From what i gather

Everytime you meet. It ends up in sex. She feels like shes being used. Seems as though she is initiating it though. HOWEVER - it seems you two are always on drink before the sex happens.

Holding hands is intimate and usually when like youre courting or exclusive etc.
You two just have drunk charged sex which is why she says youre just a random guy.

Dont do relationship stuff. Do fun friend stuf. Dont call it a date. Do the basics. Read the book.
Stuff like maybe im going into town quickly to pick up a dvd come with. This indicates youre going anyway and are offering her to come along, but your going wont depend on her coming.

Have fun and stuff and do the stuff in the book so maybe next timen youre not so drunk.
When she escalating try for once say ohh no its no good what were doing oohh but carry on doing it.
See what happens.

Im no expert so please critique.