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06-12-2006, 08:40 PM
Okay so I am in a Strip Club and this stripper offers me her phone number. Being a lazy bum
that I am I did not have any pen or paper on me. So I grabbed my cellphone and still being
lazy I hand her the cellphone and tell her to call herself and leave my number on her
Now lets think about this for a moment.....
1. A typical stripper that works 4 eight hour shifts a week meets over 1000 men all asking
and offering the same thing to her.
2. Most strippers are drunk or drugged up too...
Q: What are the odds that she remembers anything about you, if you
just write down her number and call her 4 to 7 days later?
Now if a stripper gets home and checks her voicemail, either on cellphone or answering machine
and hears herself telling herself the following " Yo! bitch you better call this guy bitch! His number
is ###-###-#### " you better believe she will call or answer if you call.
In another phone close with a stripper she had her friend distract me with BS small talk while
she left her phone number on her voicemail using my cellphone. But because the club had mirrors everywhere
I also saw what she did after she was done leaving the voicemail message. lol...
She methodically searched all my missed, answered calls then looked at all my contacts.
Q: What is one of the best ways to creep women out?
A: Show her a cellphone, car or apartment ( Home ) that has no evidence of any women ever being there.
This is why women will leave evidence and mark your car, home etc.... for other women to find.
Such evidence would be colored strings tied up in a knot and stuffed in a corner of your sofa.
Women leaving hair in the pillow case area.
My personal favorite, a small ear ring in the carpet around the bed.
So a woman searching my cellphone looking and counting how many women have called me
and how many I have in my contact list. Can you say pre-selection....
Okay then... Let get down to business.
Get a dedicated cellphone for DHV.
You can do this with regular women not just strippers.
1. If you have real women in your life, have a picture associated with the caller id of the phone
number. Make sure you are with her in the picture.
You want to have 10 percent of the contact list to be men and the rest 90% women.
Now if you don't have many women you can fake it till you make it by giving male contacts female names and pictures.
So if bob calls it will say for example : susan
You get the picture here.
2. I always thought that a guy with regular developed photos lying in front of him to DHV was kind
of awkward because of so many digital cameras these days. I can see it being okay before
digital pictures.
So instead of using developed photo routine you can just move it to your cellphone pictures.
These pictures should follow what Mystery says about what type of pictures you should use
to DHV. Mystery explains this in his bootcamps.
Now think about it. A girl borrowing your cellphone or leaving her number on voicemail will
stumble on your pictures showing you DHVing.
Myspace DHV
Can following some of the cellphone DHV ideas on myspace but I found that too many
guys are adding celebs to their friends list. So that will not work unless you are
in the pictures with the celebs.
Old Tape Answering Machine
I heard another guy doing the following so I can't take credit for it but it is good.
Save all your good voicemail messages from women and some from guys 90/10 rule
of course.
You bring your new girl over to your apartment and start playing the voicemail messages while you go
do some other things around the apartment.
You and your girl will be showered by cool messages from many women and some guys.
More DHV & social proof.
Don't play it too long, a reasonable 3 to 5 messages 2 minutes each is enough.
So there you have it. I am sure you can come up with many ways to DHV and let
women know that there are many women in your life and they are competing for you.
Now you can have your cellphone do the DHV for you, because I am a lazy bum...

06-12-2006, 08:50 PM
Let's just tinker with the forum settings so that Orgasmatron can just post new topics directly in the Best Of The Forum area.
Nicely done!

Fresno Smooth
06-12-2006, 11:36 PM
Let's just tinker with the forum settings so that Orgasmatron can just post new topics directly in the Best Of The Forum area.
Nicely done!
I second that
good show old chap!

06-13-2006, 07:46 AM
Hey guys,
For those who asked about cellphones. I currently have the Verizon LG 8100 model.
But I am deciding on whether to get the unlocked Nokia N93.
The N93 does video at 30 frames per second and it can flip the screen to face
you and your target. The optics is the best I've seen on any cellphone out there.
The only problem is that because it is unlocked you can't get the tunes and other fun stuff from your network.
There are some software packages that allow you to log into the phone and update pics and sound into the proprietary format that the cellphone makers use for the sounds and pics.
$500.00 bucks for the unlocked......

06-13-2006, 11:27 AM
Let's just tinker with the forum settings so that Orgasmatron can just post new topics directly in the Best Of The Forum area.
Nicely done!
Thanks... glad you enjoy it.