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06-11-2006, 12:36 PM
I was in Jamaica all of last week and while there is a lot to report on, this one attempt has been somewhat haunting me. Luckily for me this happened on the last night I was there.
I had been in Jamaica at my resort for about a week and it was my last night. I was walking to dinner and saw a HB 8 that I hadn't seen around yet. This was good news for me because the resort was mostly couples and my game isn't at the level where I can get a girl to cheat on her boyfriend during their romantic Jamaican get away.
I am walking to dinner and I picked a flower (tulip?) from a plant nearby and gave it to the HB8 who I later found out was the same age as me (18) and was named Jessi. I stopped her and gave her the flower. "Here hold this for me while I'm at dinner, I'll get it from you later." She was with her friends and they all seemed kind of taken aback that someone would just come up like that. Neato.
An hour and a half later I come back from the meal and I sit down with the girl and her family and a guy that was now talking to them. I wasn't too worried about the guy. The night before he was tanked and during one of the shows they were having he ran upstairs, tackled the small female host of the show into the curtains. When security tried to pull him off he was flailing his legs and kicked in the front of the bass drum on the drum set. I wasn't sure if the girls had seen it the night before but, if he got in my way I would just AMOG him with it.
I sit down and go up to my target Jessi and ask her for my flower back. She takes it out of the ash tray and tries to hand it back to me but since she put it in the ashtray I just leave her hanging and neg her by asking her friends "Wow is she always this untrustworthy? How do you roll with her?" After a few minutes of chatting up the group I turned back to her and had her hold out her hands above mine and then slapped them real quick. (Think the scene in Wedding Crashers where Owen Wilson slaps her hands on the beach) I held up my hands like I had just won and told her I would give her another chance. We played this for a while and I did the ESP guessing trick (wrong) and teased her for believing in ESP because "if it was real I would have gotten the number right since we have such a strong connection."
At this point I finally felt like I was getting some attraction and out of nowhere her mom says "Hey you can't hit on my daughter, I already promised her to this guy!" and pointed to the guy who was trashed the night before that had been sitting quiet for about 5 minutes while I took over the group.
It caught me off guard and I am sure it showed on my face but I tried to recover by tooling him. Here's how it went...
Me: "Oh my god dude I recognize you, you were the guy who was TANKED last night and tackled the girl and kicked that hole in the bass drum, right?"
Him: "Yeah I had just a little too much to drink that night."
Me: "Man that was the funniest thing I have seen all vacation."
At this point I figured it would turn off the mom from the other guy since I think most parents wouldn't want to hook their daughter up with a guy who gets trashed, tackles girls to the ground and breaks shit.
It turns out all I did was DHV him, the mom got him to tell the whole story to the group and shrugged it off with "well we're in Jamaica, we're supposed to party."
I could instantly see the attraction switch from me to him as he now had the approval of her friends and her mom. So I just excused myself saying I had to change out of the dress clothes I wore to dinner and that it was nice meeting them.
Even though this is a short recount of what happened it was still longer than I thought it would be, so thanks to anyone that read through it. I would really appreciate any advice on what I could have done differently, especially when I tried to AMOG the guy. Thinking back now it does seem like I DHVed him instead of DLVing by saying how funny it was, what could I have said differently?
Edit: would this fit better in the FR section?

06-11-2006, 04:03 PM
id have told the mom "what?? she saw hitting on me. i swear! see, look at her, she's blushing. actually, i thought her friend was kind of cute. *hold female friends hand* and wink at your target

06-11-2006, 09:34 PM
Ouch. The Mom killed it.
I think its never a good idea to AMOG anyone, it may make them look bad but it also says to the target that you don't have enough confidence in yourself to believe that you could get her on your own. My perception is that the guy shrugged it off and looked laidback to everyone and you seemed weak for "telling on him" or whatever. On the plus side that flower move is great, I'm definately trying that one out.
If the mom shows up thats enough to throw anyone's game off, and the fact that she liked the drunk guy's story makes me think you might have ended up dodging a bullet on this one. After all the crazy gene goes from generation to generation. If its your resort then that seems like you already have a big advantage over just about every guy there, flashing money isn't good but owning a resort has to be possitive, you might wanna use an insider aproach there and take the girl to some secluded place. Thats "romantic" and definately a DHV.

06-16-2006, 06:09 PM
Hmmm what appears to me as a different way of doing things (easy to think about this now) would have been starting the role of being an "impossible love" for her, and you know she liked you so much, but she had a wedding already arranged with a guy, so she would have to live with it, and playing some hard to get, and that stuff and state subtly that the other guy was easy to get, so there was no challenge.
Another thing that occurs to me would have been, to playfully say that her mother was "arranging her wedding" with the other guy because her mother was actually falling for u, so you would become her father if she didn't save you from that situation fast enough (all in a playful mode)
Hope it helps.