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01-21-2011, 08:23 PM
I somehow posted this in the wrong section by accident, so here it is in the right spot.

Now a little backstory, met this girl one night at a little bonfire out when I was home from school for the break. She's a mutual friend of my buddy and she and I were talking for a while. When I first met her, she had recently received a promise ring as a present from her boyfriend of 3 years. Now, me personally, I'm not gonna even try anything but friendship with a girl in a committed relationship. I don't want to fuck someone's relationship up, plus, karma's a bitch.

So New Year's happens and all that and I see her about 2-3 weeks after our initial meet. We start talking and she's a little flirty this time. Few minutes after she starts talking to some other people, I get a text from a buddy of mine. He says that she asked if I had a gf and that she wants it. I ask about the bf and he says, not anymore.

Next thing I know, we are hooking up in the backseat of my truck. Clothes are coming off and we don't have sex. We round second base and it's a fun time. She's adamant about getting my phone number and texts me the next day. We start talking more and she really wants to see me.

The next night I go to her house and we have sex twice. It was great, minus the fact that she does give blowjobs. That sucks, 'cause I like blowjobs. But whatever, I figured it was just a hookup anyway so why bother. After we have sex we're laying there and talking and she really wants me to stay in town for a party that she's throwing in 2 days. I tell her that I have to go back, but I end up staying for the party. (I had to make her work for it.)

So I stay in town for the party and everything is going well until the fight breaks out. The party was at her house and she got in between a group of a bunch of dudes to stop the fight thinking that they aren't gonna fight with a girl in the middle. Well, they start throwing punches all around her and she ends up getting trampled before I rush over and pull her out, I was in the kitchen when the fight broke out and I didn't know until I heard the yelling.

Well, that night she was kinda traumatized and I stayed with her for a little while, held her hand, took care of her, etc. I ended up not staying the night so we didn't have the wild/crazy sex that I was expecting after the party. But given the circumstances of the fight and all that, I understood. I was pissed at the situation, but definitely not at her.

The next day I go back to her house before I leave town to say by and we talk, cuddle, kiss for a little while before I go. She's still pretty shook up from the night before. We continue texting and all that and I go off to school.

The thing is, when all this first happened, I figured it would be nothing more than a hookup, but when I saw her get hurt, something changed in the way that I felt about her. I started to kind of care about her and could see a possible relationship brewing here.

So we've been texting for the past week or so and are continuing to do so. But I'm starting to feel as if things are slipping. She's talked about coming up to visit me (it's only an hour and a half away) and she's been flirty and stuff. And she still is. We used to text all day long and have a nice little back and forth and she's said some pretty nice things to me and I know that she has to feel something too.

She still continues to say nice things. In fact, this morning I texted her about the weather (it's unusually cold in South Texas right now) and it went like this:

Me: 25 degrees is entirely too chilly.
Her: yes sir it is I need some body heat
Me: I could agree to that my bed was freezing this morning. No one turned the heat on last night and it was 63* in my house lol

She never replied. And she kinda did the same thing yesterday. Usually, even if there wasn't something to keep talking about she'd just text me and say, "so what are you up to?" and she hasn't been doing that.

My questions are: Do I have anything to worry about? Have things changed? Am I losing her? Or am I just overthinking this thing?

She is busy, goes to school and works a full time job.

I'm just concerned because this girl is actually relationship material and yeah, it sucks that she's an hour and half away, but whatever. I don't want to piss an opportunity, and a girl like this away, over doing something stupid. I haven't been pushy with texts, such as double texting or anything like that. I feel as if I'm still playing it cool to her, but I'm starting to feel uneasy about the situation.