View Full Version : girl texts me a lot but rarely meet up face to face

01-21-2011, 07:30 PM
I met this girl back in december. I steadily built comfort through text and she actually visited me at my house during winter break (we hooked up).

She texts me everyday without fail, and she is almost always the one to instigate the conversations, but it's been difficult to meet up again. The weird thing is she always tells me when she's on campus or even when she's visiting friends in my dorm, but whenever I ask to meet up with her or for her just to stop by my room she says she doesn't have time or "next week." What's up with this?

I'm afraid that I've overbuilt the comfort and she may stop seeing me as a prospective romantic interest. when she tells me she's on campus or near my dorm, should i just stop asking her to meet up? she's a shy girl and doesn't like setting up plans herself, so I'm not sure how to work this.

spectre trip9
01-23-2011, 05:28 PM
I don't think overbuilding comfort is the problem here. If you were in danger of becoming LJBF'd she wouldn't be constantly texting you and telling she's gonna be around after you already hooked up at your house.

And it's not the girl's job to set up plans. That's on you dude. All you really need to do is see when she'll be coming on campus or to your dorm again, and have something set up beforehand. You just need to take a little initiative here.

Just don't be too available. Don't be the guy who, when she texts saying she's nearby, either has nothing else going on or is willing to drop whatever he's doing to go see her. If she texts you saying she's on campus, just make some small talk and maybe see what she's up to, flirt a little but let her know that you've got your own things to do, and that you should make plans for the next time she's around. You have to make her work a little to see you.