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01-16-2011, 07:57 PM
Had this on another board, thought I'd share it with you guys. this seems like a college game type of area and it will seem to help alot of you.

College Game 2.0

This is updated version of my previous post on college game (check signature). Now that this semester is almost done, and we move onto another we are gonna have more and new girls that we are gonna meet especially after winter break when everyone is relaxed, happy, and excited for the next mind bending semester. This is prime time to build relationships with women, they are more open and willing to jump in the sack.

First off I’m gonna talk about talking to girls in your class because I’ve noticed a lot of people saying, “How do I talk to this one girl in my class…”, then I’m gonna cover alittle bit more about pre-gaming and tightening your social circle into a more reasonable and prestige’s social circle. This is where brotherhoods comes in, and were you can share ideas on pick up.
I’m gonna post the rest (college game 2.5 later on)

Meeting Girls in Class:

this is very crucial to do this right away in the first month (at most) you need to build the rapport with the whole class, and speak up, if you want that “..hot girl in my class” scenario. Granted you don’t have much talking time with them, but letting them know your presence is the key. Sitting next to them or near by is what you start off with, then you work into a situational opener (really basic)

“Wait, did you get that last part of the notes?”
“do you have any extra lead or pencil?”
“what was the homework again?”
“when is this project due??”

Really basic and involving the class room, remember body language needs to be serious not cocky funny they will get the wrong idea that you are “flirting” with them. Remember that “flirting” is done outside the classroom first till you’ve built that comfort level high enough that they know your just joking and not “hitting” on them till the time is needed outside the classroom, therefore you can esculate. Basically you want to build comfort in the classroom, seed a d2 and go from there.

Day-Game into d2:

This is not very tricky to accomplish if you are good at day-game, it takes little effort and makes them more attacted to you because you shared that personal moment of conversation in the lobby. I prefer more situational openers rather then canned. Although canned can be used, you can land yourself in the “creeper zone” and get yourself in trouble. Situational openers can make you seem less threaten and will give you that more “I’m in college too, I don’t know what I’m doing either, lets hang out and figure this out” situation.

Girls are scared, scared of being alone, scared of being judged, scared of not doing good in school, just as much as your typical guy is. This makes them more willing to go try new things, and meet new people. I always tell myself, only be serious when you have to be, because “GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FuuUUUUN!” you must embrace this, because it’s very true. Girls in college don’t know what they are doing or what direction to go next. They might have plans for this weekend or tonight, but they can be flexible and even change at any minute. Be that guy that invites them to the pre-party or party that will make them have a more enjoyable night with you and your social group.

When you have opened a single set, or more you want to look for the easy IOI’s just to not shot yourself in the foot when you seed a d2 (party, free movie, free food, football game, etc.. ) Take control of the situation be the event that they are gonna do tonight. Make this sound like a lot of fun and they HAVE to be there otherwise they are missing out. I wouldn’t suggest you say, “your gonna miss out.” Really sell it with your body language and facial expressions. (control)

Controlling your Social circle:

this is what I LOVE about college and my social circle, we keep it exclusive. we are all alpha, and we pick our brothers up off the floor and dust them off. It is a TRUE definition of a college brotherhood, true friends, and experience. They say that the 6 people that you commonly hang out with on a daily basis, are the people that are gonna influence you the most in your current lifestyle. Having a brotherhood, creates a better experience for you and everyone around you, you will learn much more then from a book. Your social circle is the best wingmen you will ever have, because they will never screw you over, if you have that strong bond and commitment in the group. I highly highly suggest you find a group that works thee best for you!

When you have a well built social group, you want to make this group seem like it’s the SHIT, and everyone wants to hang out with this group. Make it prestiges if a girl gets the pleasure of pre-gaming at your house, and playing beer pong with your friends. Make your group, exclusive by kicking people out and making people around you have the same qualities that you have and want.

To learn how to build a social circle please go back to my previous post of… (college game)

In college game 2.5, I’ll talk about more on house parties, and pre-gaming (drinking events :P) I’ll also touch bases more on day-game and how to get an easy #-close. I’ll also how to esculate more sexual therefore they will have that sexual tension that will build a good f-buddy. Hope all this info helped everyone and you enjoy it.


01-17-2011, 09:37 PM
Regarding your section about meeting girls in class,

I've been working on some classroom game as well.

I feel like if you only talk about classroom topics, you file yourself in line with every AFC she goes to school with. Every boring dude and his brother is trying to desperately find something in common with her, asking what classes she's in etc.

Do you ever have problems with this boring them?

What I've been doing is using my usual teasing, and trying to move the conversation away from the monotony of school-talk.

What do you think?

01-18-2011, 02:50 PM
I think that's good, but I was talking about non-threating topics that you'd talk about IN YOUR CLASSROOM. When your outside of the classroom that's when it comes about, and this includes as soon as you leave the door.

Yes, if you talk about class topics, outside of class.. this will lead to a boring, usual topic that any AFC could do. When you are in the classroom, you don't want to just get into conversation with them, and I've learned that in topics with the classroom when you are in class helps get into a conversation as an OPENER, then you can tease and be funny when the times are needed.. basically that should be used as an opener, the examples that I gave.