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Spy Guy
01-10-2011, 04:24 AM
I work in Iraq and have limited access to girls. The numbers game out here is astounding. Every girl gets a two point advantage due to the environment. It is 20 AMOGs to 1 Female. And the numbers get worse with HBs. So I have been gaming this girl who would normally be a HB5 but out here is a HB7. It has been pretty brutal, every time I take her out, 5 guys will approach us during our conversation. But I have been playing this off, deflecting her bitch shield and finally got into comfort with her.

I am leaving for Puerto Rico in two days and won't be back for 35. I wanted to Fclose to leave a lasting impression, so when I got back I would have a decent looking consistent FB out here.

After two days of no contact I initiate with:

Me: I think I'm pregnant.
Her: Wow, you have to be special.

Me: Yeah, Im special, but not special like you. Special in a good way.
Her: U special, I'm special-life is great :) If u pregnant just be careful-btw who is the mother?

Me: I'm not sure, I had a dream last night, its pretty blurry now but I woke up hungry and my boobs hurt (i have decent pecs, so this was to get her thinking about them).
Her: wow, you need to stop drinking before bed! too bad you don't remember, you don't know if it was nice/spectacular or just okay :P If u don't recall, wasn't worth it :)

Me: Thats how it usually goes for me, always being remembered, never remembering. Quick question, are you any good at massages?
Her: Quick Answer-no :) always getting not giving :) Selfish

Me: How about we solve both problems. I can teach you and you can help me.
Her: tempting proposition :) problem will be with time! :) might not be before us vacation.

Me: That would be useless. I think I pinched a nerve working out and I have a twenty hour flight. I won't be able to sleep sitting up if it still hurts. Unless you have anymore cooking emergencies at work, i don't see why tonight wont work. I can come to you and as a thank you I can massage you to sleep. I'm pretty good.
Her: No cooking but I have ladies only party at other compound :) don't think be back early even though that massage sounds nice.

Me: As long as I can get back here before midnight its all good. If not im going to have to ask this other girl i know. I would prefer not to because she swears im her soul mate and I don't need that drama. All you have to do is rub it for 5 minutes and Ill do you for half an hour. (I was expecting her to text back something along the lines of "are you talking about sex now?" then I was going to say "Get your mind out of the gutter, all I want is a massage")
Her: OMG u found ur second half :) I will be mean and say go with ur mate :) i have party tonight

Me: Your not suppose to be mean and put smiley faces at the same time. Truth is I danced with her on new years and she text me "I love you" the next day. I'm sure you agree thats a red flag. have fun tonight

nothing, i must have pissed her off, the way I mentioned the other girl was a little too obvious.


So later she posts on FB.

getting ready for Lady Night:)wondering what that means.....only girls, talking sh....about boys (only "good" things of course), eating "healthy food" and......who knows what else. I might need massage after that.....:P

I commented: Your such a smart ass

She commented: maybe just a little one :P

Then I sent her this message on FB


If I offended you, that was not my intention. I am going to be gone for a while and I know lots of guys around here are interested in you. Some for sexual reasons, others for the right reason (cause your a big dork wrapped in a cool renegade exterior). I just wanted my chance to make a lasting impression, one that would last roughly 35 days. That way, when I get back, we pick up where we left off.

And I really do have a pinched nerve or knot in my right shoulder blade. If I have to ask one of the guys here to do it, and it goes really badly, you may be responsible for turning me gay. You wouldn't want that burden on your conscious....would you?

She responded: ok my friend - u did not offend me!told you it's not easy:)maybe i did not say it in a nice way - but I really have a party outside Embassy (can't say no now:))-either way I would help you:)now when you said you might turned to a gay side-I am getting worried:P I know we did not have a lot of time, but I do like you and you are funny. hope we still be able to hung out when you be back from boring vacation. Saying that you know lots of guys are interested in me - creepy but where are they?:)kidding - I will be fine, do not take shit and do not grab all pents around me....-I am a good girl:)
hope you will get better - check the Med Unit-hey have a massage chairs-if you can go there that would help:)
have to run, talk to you later!

I didn't respond and 5 minutes later she text me.

Her: What can I say lucky man, shes looking for a green card holder tell her your taken, unless you like her. Get better before your trip.
Me: Doesn't matter what anyone is like. If you say I love you that fast, anyone this side of hunch back would run away. enjoy your massage-less night.

Her: I would run too:) good luck! hope party be good so I will not be too said missing massage.
Me: I hope it really awesome.... no thats a lie, i hope it sucks and leave early enough to try to convince me to come over.

later that night

Her: and you were right, party sucked! no fun, me and my girls had to make more fun and even guys showed up how is ur massage night going? Did u call ur mate? :)
Me: Sorry to hear that.

Her: I still had fun with my friends but was hoping for more:) enjoy your vacation, im off to sleep. night.
Me: Night

(Her English is bad because she is Polish)

Here is what I think I did wrong. After she said no, I began to get needy and threw the other girl in there the wrong way. It would have been good if I did it more subtly.

What I feel I did right. In the FB message I implied she was a little too sensitive. I also complimented her for the first time, but threw in a neg as well.

I am sure a more superior PUA could have made it to her place in 2 messages, so anyone with advice, I am open.