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01-08-2011, 02:45 PM
Just a little bit of backstory. I met this girl about three months ago at a party. I was just getting out of a breakup and was basically acting like an AFC. She kept staring at me and I could tell she was interested, but I was being a total AFC. I got myself back to being me and I ended up seeing her again on a trip up to Boston to visit a friend 3 weeks ago. We rode the train together, I got a lot of IOIs from her (hair twirling, etc) and she always made a point to sit next to me where ever we went out. Constantly joking around with me, etc. I would constantly joke around with her about the size of her travel bag (for one night) and whenever I could bust on her I would. She made it a point to stay near me and chat for the whole night.

I didn't escalate physically with her at the time. I have built attraction and comfort with her (I know about her job, family, etc), I just didn't take the next step.

Anyway, I texted her on Christmas. Joking around about the bag and Santa's bag of presents (Can't really remember it). She responded back laughing the whole time. I texted her again after 2 weeks. Here was the back and forth:

Me: So how are your New Year's resolutions working out? Still sticking to them or gave up on them on January 2nd?

Her: Hahaha well I didn't really make any...besides not to be rolled to the beach at punta cana (we are going there together with friends on Spring Break). I plan on hitting the gym when we get back to school! (Still in college) How about you?

Me: Ah the TYPICAL gym response..I had a few but the main was to say Punta Cana correctly (I was saying Punta Canta before and her and her friend would always laugh and I had no idea). I gotta get hooked up phonics ASAP.

Her: Hahahahahaha

Me: If you and your friends never would have said anything, I'd still be sounding like an idiot, which woudda been funny, but hopefully I'll get it right by the time Spring Break rolls around. How was your New Year's? Get arrested? Mom do anything nuts? (Her Mom is nuts)

Her: Well it's funny so its ok haha and new years was fun! i went to boston again! with home friends this time tho. my mom (said mom's name) was pretty low key. how about you?

Me: Glad to hear that you and mom weren't put in the slammer. ha. i went to atlantic city. literally had one of the craziest nights ever..apparently i outdanced a black girl (I'm white), i don't remember the countdown, and had this hot cougar following me around all night.

Her: hahahahahahahahahahaha

Me: I also be-friended the bartender, named james, and my group was getting free drinks all night..I gotta bring back my bartender friend making skills to school for our spring semester

Her: Hahahaha! That is a wonderful skill!

Me: Alright, I gotta go plow us out of this snow storm so we can get out alive. I'll see you soon Ms. punta canTa.

Her: Yuck! I hate snow! have fun! ttyl!

What do you think? Basically, I can tell she's attracted to me, she laughs at all of my jokes, she jokes with me back, she has made a point to sit near me where ever, but she hasn't initiated anything. I've texted her twice since the Boston trip and she always immediately responses. I'll see her again in 2 weeks.

01-08-2011, 08:15 PM
There are so many 'ahahahaha's in that convo, it honestly makes me dizzy. I feel to choke this girl [no offence] Why can't people just type that once? And refer to a good simple laugh out loud acronym, the rest of the time.

Anyway, I'm confused what you are exactly asking us. I mean, the question is in your title but you give yourself the answer lol. You state early on 'I got a lot of IOIs from her' Well there's your answer buddy!

Just be more confident in yourself, and act on those IOI's.

Be the man, and take lead.

01-08-2011, 10:25 PM
Since I've had to initiated everything (even though it's only been twice), I felt like that showed some disinterest on her part.

01-24-2011, 06:28 PM
Here's my advice on it.

It's usually not clear whether a girl is interested or not, at least completely, because they change their mind, think way more than we do, and they act differently sometimes. Not because they're losing interest, but maybe because something else is going on, blah blah blah. Whatever. It's good to not give a shit what they think, and worry about your intentions and how you can become better at attraction and what not. Your best bet is to just do what you do, and not try to figure out or dwell on how much she likes you. It'll cause you to over think small details that become mountains of concern in your mind.

You're a man. Just play the game, and talk to her when you want to (as long as you're not showing too much interest). If she's attracted like you say she is, you don't have to worry too much. After a while, if you haven't spoken with her, she'll probably contact you.

Just be cool. You've got the upper hand, act like it.