View Full Version : shit-test about me staying at her place? quick analysis please

01-07-2011, 01:01 PM
after me telling her to let me know what she's doing tomorrow if she wants to hang out (trying to get her to initiate us hanging out more), she says she'd love to hang out and see me...

then I jokingly comment "sounds good... just don't use me just for my body ;-)" (we've been having sex, been very good)

she replies "ummmm HARDLY... you're not staying over anymore, period" and this is without any smilies or lols... (seemed pretty harsh to me)

was that a shit-test?

I replied saying the best thing that popped in my head quickly... "That's because you hate the fact your pets like me more than you ;-)", to which she replies "sure... you got me... that's it"

typically she throws a LOL or a smilee face in most messages, so the HARDLY comment kind of threw me off... shit-test or disinterest?

01-07-2011, 03:12 PM
Would need a bit of background on the girl to figure out what type of girl she is, but based on what you posted.

Personally I'd say the initial reply was fine.

It's possible because she opened up about wanting to see you and didn't feel you were taking her sincerity seriously. She got upset.

Your reply to her response was a bad move, you felt she was upset but continued to push by teasing her.

Cut the thread and send a new txt the next day, make it funny and cute