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01-04-2011, 12:04 PM
Ok I won't write a ten paragraph story.. I'll just tell the specifics and that are the one that most upset me and don't understand.

First of all.. Like in a couple of months I'm moving out of country and she knows that
We are like friends with benefits, but I do have feelings for her. I never told her that one, and always try to hide it too.
There where this couple of times she really annoyed me.

The first time:

It was late at night and I send her a message telling her to hang out.
She starts inventing excuses and I insist like three times (too much I know, I always try to fight that shit) But, them I told her "Ok I'm done insisting, never mind, good night"
She answers 1st message " "Never mind".. I don’t think so ;)"
Without me answering that 2nd message "Give two more hours, and if you fall asleep, "Never mind" ;) "
Obviously I don't answer that neither.
One hour passed. She: "Still awake kiddo?”
Me: “of course I’m awake” (used that expression like its Saturday night, can’t sleep!!)
No answers from her so I call her and she says to me “I spouse it we wont hang out this time, cuz the hole family is still in the house and blah blah blah”
I just tried to sound calm and told her “Ok, no problem talk to you later them bye” and shut the phone off
Just seconds later she calls to another phone of mine sense the one we were talking from I shut it off and she tells me to meet in half an hour.

Second time:

She sends me a message, I couldn’t answer it so she calls like 3 times that I didn’t answered (I was at the movies) then I replied the message telling I’ll call her in a couple of hours. She calls again so I answer and she tells me that shes bored, I interrupted her telling I couldn’t talk at that time that Ill call her back as soon as posible.
An hour later she tells “I don’t need it anymore” (CRAZY MOTHER FUCKER)
Two hours later I call her she doesn’t answer, sends a message with an expression like “what do you need” I don’t answer she calls I don’t answer.
I just send a “?” she doesn’t answer I call no answer. Now she says shes at the movies then we talked a little bit like normal people and I tell her to hang out the next day and no answers again so I drop it.

Note: We hanged out like 4 times two of them she slept at home but no f-close I really don’t mind if she wants to wait a little bit. We barely talk during the week and never talk about feelings

Ok it’s a little bit longer than I expected. Sorry guys.
But there’s a good news sense Ive been at the forum for the first time I got a one night stand. Cheers haha although not with the one of the story haha

01-06-2011, 08:13 AM
Please!! ;)

01-06-2011, 08:15 AM
Including a question will help people provide answers.

01-06-2011, 08:29 AM
How do I make her mine? how can I handle this situation, so she gives more attention? Don't you see how her reaction continuously is challenging me.. Can't we turn it to an easier way I mean we already know hows our relationship.. So why she keeps playing that hard push-pull?

01-07-2011, 06:40 AM
someone?! =(