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01-03-2011, 06:58 PM
alright i think i messed up the end but ill let you guys decide

Me: Hey kiddo, haven't talked to you in a while what are you up to

Her: Hey! im just chillen in School actually what about you

Me:Aww Your in school thats no fun! but i am stuck in traffic i need a helicopter, do you know where i can rent one?

Her: I know! and the helicopter store haha

Me:Thanks for the recommendation i called them and they were sold out, i guess everyone had the same idea. How was your New Years?

Her: Haha Well it was good how was yours?

Me: nope im sorry "it was good" is going to cut it. what did you do that was so "good" gosh i thought someone as cool as you would know how to have a conversation.

Her: Woah Woah Woah i know how to have a convo, idk i was just at this family party with a ton of people! what did you do ?!

Me: there you go now your learning..dork well i went to a casino and lost 40 bucks and decided that alcohol would fill the hole in my wallet :)

then we talk about how hangovers suck and i dont feel like shes trying to keep the conversation going so i say

Alright you boring to txt ;) im gonna take a shower and play drums, now at the same time of course Ttyl8r

hasnt responded please let me know if i messed up and where

01-03-2011, 07:41 PM
Hey there SD09,

It looks like you got off to a fast start there. Was looking pretty good.

What I did notice though, was ALOT of negging when she seemed genuinely interested in your NY.

She asked twice, (OK first one don't jump directly through her hoop), but let her know that it was AWSOME. Second time she asks - AMP it up even more, and how you would have liked her to be there - 'cos she would have had a PHAT time.

Talk about HER night - get interested in who was there, did she feel like she wanted to go out somewhere?

Last part was that you said
Alright you boring to txt im gonna take a shower and play drums, now at the same time of course Ttyl8r

Not all girls need to be SMASHED wth negs. Once you bring a girl back to ground level with you (if she needed to be), lay off the negs. If you keep bashing them, they'll start seeing you as "NEGATIVE", perhaps with a chip on your shoulder. They don't like it.

Don't get caught up in technique or what you want to get out of a situation. Be YOU, be INTERESTING and reciprocate by beig INTERESTED in who you're talking to.

Hope this wasn't too harsh dude, maybe other people can have an input as well.

Take care and don't dwell on it too much.....people come and go in your life all the time. Enjoy them while they're there, and remember the good times when they're not.

Later Bra.