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01-03-2011, 06:42 AM
hey guys,
Im am from germany and i love a girl I know for some years. We are just friends and meet from time to time cause we have many friends in common. I seriosly want to be with her and I need some tipps how to start picking her up.
( sorry for my bad english )

greetings from germany

01-03-2011, 01:20 PM

Oke I don't know how close you two are as "friends". If she sees you as a friend, well then it can be quite hard.
But here is what I should do, let he know you do not see her as just a friend.

Build attraction by some push/pull make jokes, give her nicknames that can be a sign of not just be a friend.
Also i suggest a date with her, not a date friends have but people have when they are in to each other.
make some physical contact, touching and stuff look how she reacts.

It is important to whatch how she reacts on all the things you do.
cause I do not know the way she thinks sees you..

Another important thing, when changing the roles and she is not used to it it is your task.
But the problem is, she is not used to it so it is probably more you then her, be alert and don't give her to much attention!
When she knows you are hitting on her, the attraction is gone and she is in charge which is a bad thing.