View Full Version : Complicated situation, seeking advice. Not for the faint of heart.

12-30-2010, 08:32 PM
Hey guys,

Long time reader, first time poster. Been doing this ("running game") for awhile now, but have always been weak with phone/text, so would love feedback from some bro's that know their shit.

First, the inevitable back story:

Met an HB7.5-8 last New Years. Ran standard game, wasn't really thinking about it, she ends up pushing me into a room and hooking up with me. The next morning she gives me a cute little nickname. Awesome. Anyway, things progress and she grabs my email from a mutual friend and starts chatting me up. Then she steals my number out of said friends phone and starts texting me. Anyway, we keep talking/texting/chatting online. She has solid "girl game," tries to trip me up with jealousy, push/pull, etc. I maintain my frame, she remains attracted. We continue to hook up for awhile.

Fast forward, we're out one night and she pulls her little jealousy game on me. I am drunk, catching oneitis, and finally lose control of the frame. Send a couple of angry texts based upon what I considered to be unacceptable behavior, etc.

I pull a freeze out and things improve, but time and distance (we live in different cities most of the year) make it difficult to keep her interest level high. We try to meet up a few times during the summer, but she is at the beach most weekends while I am busy working as a summer at a law firm. At the end of the summer, I ask her if she'd like to grab drinks, and she agrees "tentatively" (warning sign, I realize now). I show up to our arranged location with a couple of friends and find her drunk with a bunch of girlfriends. Long story short, she is rude and says a bunch of unacceptable shit. I don't put up with that kind of nonsense, so I tell her I'll see her around, and walk out. I'm not happy with the situation, but that sort of behavior requires immediate nexting.

I make no attempt to talk to her after that. A month goes by, and she hits me up on chat. She keeps hitting me up periodically, and I subtly let her know I've been around her city and obviously have not called her when I've been in town (mutual friends posting pics of you on fbook with HB's is a wonderful thing). Things have slowly progressed, and lately she's been trying to flirt with me and has been giving me IOI's.

Its been six months and I'd like to see her again. We chat online, but don't really text much anymore. I was planning to text her on New Years with, "Brat. Stop thinking about me. My ears are ringing." I figure that's good, cause she likely WILL be thinking of me given how we met. I'm concerned, however, that this sub-communicates that I'm thinking of her when I should be out having fun with other HB's. Alternatively, I was thinking of texting her the classic, "I just met your twin!!" the day after and running with that.

Anyway, that's my story. Like I said, my text game is really pretty horrendous, so I'd prefer to avoid making some kind of obvious mistake if possible. To that end, thoughts/general criticism/advice is appreciated. Until then, stay loyal to the game!!