View Full Version : what do i do after the 1st date?

12-28-2010, 02:23 PM
I was out clubbin on christmas day and met this hb9, we danced all night long and made out like crazy. everything was great she was totally in to me and we build really good comfort. couldnt take her home because i still live with my mom (yeah sucks big time) so i took her number instead. and then took some advice from the book Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game, worked great and the first date was set. i recommend this book for everyone!

so we was on a date today, it went really well and we made out again. i just came up with that i had to go and see my friends and kind of left her on an high point. im not so used to dating and im new to it so my question is..what do i do now? im really lost

should i wait for her to text me or call me or should i say goodnight or something to show that im still interested in her? couldnt find anything about this in the book

how is the best way to proceed with this? what works for you guys? i dont want to come across as needy. im very interested in her but for now i just want to make her my fb