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06-08-2006, 08:33 PM
Me and my buddy stumbled upon this technique, and have each field tested it in different scenarios BY ACCIDENT before we were even aware of the concept. This is a technique for when you have lost some of your higher value status. At this point you have lost some face but you think you can recover it by moving into damage control. Basically the tactic is to turn the situation around on the target so it is as though she is of lower value for allowing the situation to happen. The idea behind this is to use cleverly placed negs to make the girl feel guilty about the situation.
If, for instance, You throw a neg and the girl takes more offense to it than you expected and it looks as though you've gone too far you turn the situation around by saying something like "So, how about that sense of humour people seem to have these days. Too bad we both didn't have one." Then turn and talk to the obstacle, or simply turn your back on the target. You want to show that YOU are insulted that she took your joke so seriously, and that SHE should feel bad about herself because she just ruined the conversation. But this should all be done in a cocky-funny way. This will help rebuild your higher value and hopefully clean your neg/insult from the slate.
Example 1:
I jokingly called one of my co-workers a slut in front of other co-workers in a cocky-funny manner and she took offence. I told her "Jesus Christ, if I cant joke around with you now, then god help me, I don't know when I can!" It got the whole set laughing and made her realize not to take offence and that she overreacted to such a small thing. Things instantly returned to the way they were prior to the insult.
Example 2:
My buddy was supposed to pick up this HB9 to chill will her for a bit and then drop her off at work. He was held up and she just took a cab to work. He then went to her workplace and told her that although he was running late he still tried to meet her, and quite frankly, he was kind of insulted that she didn't trust him enough to make it there with enough time. She then blamed the situation on listening to her friend and that she should have trusted him to be there on time. He threw another neg and she completely apologized and tried to make plans on Saturday while he was walking away.
This technique will only work if you still have SOME higher value and wish to maintain and increase it, despite your mistake. The girl must still be attracted to you in order for her to accept responsibility for what was at first your mistake.

06-08-2006, 09:08 PM
I like the idea of re-establishing your frame. Could pose useful for all the times a little smirk doesn't work in assuring her your just having fun.
Ill have to run around bustin sum series balls in order to try this, cheers. :cool:

06-12-2006, 06:42 PM
One word...

06-14-2006, 02:08 AM
Gaming is about taking risks, going one step a head, but never cross that threshold of going overboard. The further u push the better, but dont push so hard that u totally lose control. Simple put high risks high return.
A lot of us settle for low risks and low returns, because of the fear that v will totally lose the frame, if v neg too much it mite be taken as an insult. Here comes such techniques, hedging your risk. It gives u the courage to take high risks and hence high returns, as u knw even if u go overboard theres a way to come baq through this technique.