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Sun Slayer
06-08-2006, 06:16 PM
Gearing up for the newbie mission, to begin in about a week and a half. I'm 32 and in the western US.
I wanted to get opinions on my bag o' tricks - my openers, etc.:
3-5 canned openers:
all of these have gotten good field reports on this board, some more are more classic than others, but I wanted to mix it up. Of course, there will be a FTR thrown into each:
1. Hey do you know who sings that song ______, its been stuck in my head all day...
2. So do you think David Bowie is hot?
3. An opinion opener about my buddy who wants to leave his wife, or maybe just cheat on her
4. (If I am really feeling in the zone, and want to kinda freestyle some):So what are you guys up to?
5. (If I'm out and about and just can't think of a damn thing, or none of the others feel right): Ask for directions
1 Neg:
this is one I came up with more or less on my own:
"Hey - I think it is awesome that you would wear that outfit here. Most girls get soo dressed up to go out - it's so transparent they are trying to get drinks bought for them. Good for you."
If you could go back in time and relive a moment from your life, what would one of them be?
Places to sarge
laid back bar
art walk
college campus (not my campus tho)
__________________________________________________ ____________
Mainly, during the newbie mission I want to focus on opening and transitioning to a good DHV routine. I don't really have any written out, because I feel like I'm going to come off as an actor if I'm reciting a story line for line. I've got some stories from my life that can totally serve to DHV, so I plan to just have a few of those in mind to tell, rather than trying to memorize a script. How does that sound? For most PUA's, are DHV fluff routines during A2 more scripted or more freestyled?
1. Having an internet hottie come meet me at my art show opening, and having my recent ex randomly walk in the door ten seconds later.
2. Meeting the Governor of my homestate while crashing the election party - getting hammered with the VIP's and being inerviewed on TV. This works great with my #3 opener, because I did it with the guy I talk about there. I can pretend to be salvaging his rep as a good guy by telling what a great time we had there.
please critique

Sun Slayer
06-09-2006, 06:17 PM
I found a good post on memorizing routines and DHV's. So disregard that question. I know it is a good thing now.
I went last night to scout a little bit. I'm not going sarging yet, but getting set up for the mission after I come back from a business trip. I am praticing being chatty to everyone, but not throwing out openers really. Just saying hi and shit.
I went to the Border's bookstore at about 9pm, it is in a really upscale mall where there are loads of HB8+'s all the time. I was feeling full of myself walking in and there was a HB6 by the door. She was cute, but chubby. She was looking at some books, and as I approached to say something, she kinda walked behind a sign, so I had to make my way around the sign and so that caused a little hesitation. I spewed some AFC shit about finding anything good? (it was the bargain section). Funny thing was that she looked at me and got obviously flustered and tried to say something, but it was almost inaudible. She left immediately. I think this is where a proven opener will make a big diff. I got the feeling she was really shy. I laughed at her AFCness and took it as a +, my goal tonight was only to scout the place and to be chatty, not to open sets yet.
I walked around a lot - I actually needed a book for my flight tomorrow. It was getting late and the crowd was thinning. A HB9 walked in, but she was across the store, so I just tried to not eyeball her to death like I would have previously. I tried to casually make my way in her direction, but she was already out of the store before I got anywhere close.
Two clerks were at the desk, and they of course said some polite "hi how are you". I did the same old "hey - I'm great, you?" etc. etc. but practiced using a loud, deep alpha voice. It was a mixed set, and I think the guy was gay, but they both beamed at me. I wonder if they just sit up there running routines on customers all day. At least I didn't do my usual introspective mutter-with-head-down thing: I've got a ways to go.
I thought the checkout clerk was kinda cute, but when I got up there, I saw she had some lazy eye thing going on, and it rattled me a little to look at her. I did some chatting, but not much, and left.
Well, my goal was to scout for the newbie mission. I think this place will be a great sarge spot, but a little earlier than when I got there. Prolly from 6-9 on a weeknight, maybe during the day on the weekend.
I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some beers on the way back. Pretty much no one was in there, as they were about to close. I got in the only line and the cashier, who is older and by no means a HB was having some trouble with the people in front of me and it was an akward vibe. I wasn't even thinking about shit at this point, but feeling OK from my trip to Borders and she and I got into this back and forth banter somehow that had some sexual tension to it, and I left impressed with myself 'cause it all happened on autopilot.
I'm on day 4 or so of a wank sanction, and I think that is helping my energy.

06-09-2006, 08:26 PM
It's good that you're preparing this beforehand, though I'd recommend against freestyling for a while. The reason is that with freestyling, you won't know where you screw up. With canned stuff, you know that it wasn't the material, but the delivery that was wrong. Maybe you talked too quickly, leaned in too much, whatever. But if you freestyle, maybe you just said something stupid, you just don't know.
I'd get one more neg for if the girl actually is dressed up a bit...perhaps, "Those shoes look really comfortable"
One more qualifier wouldn't hurt either, but no big deal.
Don't forget the FTC either...very important.
A game or trick to add wouldn't hurt either, maybe the esp game, or best friends test for groups, but something fun if you run out of things to say.
Sarging locations are good, but if you want to go a step further, then the world is your sarging location. Game on.

fast eddy
06-17-2006, 10:02 PM
Sun slayer
Go to bristol||||||||| and get some tried and true openers, e.g. Jealous Girlfriend, ESP, Spells, etc. The idea of the Newbie Mission is to use openers/routines that have success behind them, that is, experts have successfully field-tested. As an aside, Mystery only uses canned openers on HB10's.
Use a neg from the MM handbook or from "The Best OF" forum.
I'm pretty sure credit for the following goes to Cedar (credit to whom ever; I wrote it down but didn't put who 'wrote' it):
Interrupt followed by FTC then into routine
A1 - Jealous GF
A2 - Your nose wiggles when you talk
How do you guys roll with her? or Is she always like this?
C vs U Smiles:D
A3 - Can you cook? What your favourite thing to cook?
Memorise the concepts not the routines verbatim. As Gandalf mentioned, delivery is key. After a while you will become congruent with the material as you internalise it. Paired with good body language and congruent delivery, sets will open more often than not.
Forget your DHV stories for the time being. The idea is to open sets. If you can't open, you won't get a chance to use a DHV story.

Sun Slayer
06-18-2006, 06:23 PM
Forget your DHV stories for the time being. The idea is to open sets. If you can't open, you won't get a chance to use a DHV story.
That takes some pressure off. I guess it is just opener, followed by some fluff talk, and eject?
me: Hey real quick, I need an opinion - my buddy has this gf....
set: blah blah blah
me: great, I was thinking that too. See you around.
something like that?
I'm amped to start, but have a few days before I do to get some things strait. I want to go in full force. I'm setting the start date for the NM as this weekend.
I just got back from a trip up North. My location was practically devoid of human female life, but I did practice chatting people up, and made a couple of friends. Also I had some experiences there that I hope to turn into DHV's down the line.
In the airport coming back, I initiated a conversation with a HB7. I didn't use a canned opener - I wasn't prepped for it, and haven't started the newbie mission yet. but I did practice being social - It really isn't something that comes naturally to me.
I'm off to check out the suggestions Gandalf and Fast Eddy gave. Thanks guys!

06-18-2006, 06:36 PM
I'd switch up/drop the cheating opener, just use jealous g/f. I never talk about cheating in attraction because I feel it will spike up the defenses of targets that might have a b/f. Just makes them aware that they might be cheating too. I never ask or talk about b/f's either.
I'm sure someone has mentioned this somewhere, but practice your openers, etc. outloud, not just in your head. It's rehearsal, not just memorization, and you can work on delivery not just memorizing the opener/neg/whatever itself.
re. scripted v. free routines. I'm gonna write a post sometime about how similar game is to jazz (I'm a musician). Jazz is a musical art of improvisation, which entails a large of amount of learning, memorization, ie, everything you'd think is "scripted". However, you have to learn all that stuff to go past it into an area of freedom and expression. Also, think of the greatest movie performance you've ever seen, or a scene w/ your favorite actor. Before the actor can put "himself/herself" into the part, give it their own interpretation, etc...they first have to memorize the script. It's not until the script is totally digested that art can even begin. Once a script is memorized then the actor can play w/ it, feel free w/ it, add their own unique touches to it. To me, at first, a routine seems clunky, but once its "in the can" I don't think of it as a script, just as a concept - the words will come out on their own and sound natural if you put the work in. My 2 cents on that.
good luck!

Sun Slayer
06-18-2006, 07:55 PM
Yeah, I practice them, but I still feel like Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs - you know, when he first starts learning the police dog story.
I just found the list of openers on bristol||||||||| - what a great resource!
Fuck I am getting psyched

Sun Slayer
06-19-2006, 09:28 AM
Last night, on the way home from work I stopped by blockbuster. I got all set to try out a canned opener - my first ever. I decided to go with 'David Bowie'.
I had some great music on in the truck, and was in a really good mood. I was set.
Walked in, and sure enough, there was a HB9 all by herself over on by the new releases. What did I do?
Headed right the fuck in the opposite direction.
She even walked over by me twice, and all I could feel was my heart pounding and this intense awareness of her prescence. I did not open, just stood there like a big old AFC. I was telling myself to push through, but didn't. The thought 'I cannot possibly say that dumb shit' took over my mind. Oddly, I felt that I would have been just fine saying 'hi' or some topical shit about movie rentals. I've been practicing that kind of chatty banter for a couple weeks and it feels natural now.
Funny thing, I didn't let it shake me too bad. I could see it as a failure or I could see it as a learning experience. I choose the latter. I did not calibrate, and I did not obey the 3 second rule. I also think I'm building it up too much.
Any advice on beating Approach Anxiety would be great.

06-19-2006, 09:56 AM
Just beat the motherfucker down in yourself. Whats gonna happen?
Just think of the great feeling you will have after you did it.
When I first approached a Girl in my every-day bus (It was like 2 years ago, I never heard anything about MM or whatsoever...) I went to her and said "Uhm, Hi, I must say I never approached a girl before, but you are the most stunning woman thats walking around on the surface of this planet" (Yea, I know better now. : p [Infact she was only like a HB7, but I saw her every day and she just had this little something on her...]) She smiled and said something "Why, thank you!" (I wasnt really aware of what was going on cause I was _so_ nervous) Well, I got blown off by her saying shes got a boyfriend. (I know of replies to this now aswell... If I only knew them back then... :>)
I remember standing there at the door, waiting for my station and my knees were like literally MELTING! I had a really hard time to hold myself up straight. And this feeling held on for about an hour, too...
Ever since I did it for the first time, I just think to myself "Fuck it, whats gonna hap..."Hi guys, I would like a quick female opinion on this and that!"
Get in there and good luck man. : >

Sun Slayer
06-21-2006, 01:19 PM
Went out last night and just sat in the food court of the mall, watching people and practicing being comfortable in a social scene where there were lots of HB's. Did not aim to open any sets, just to desensitize myself to the surroundings. I have a plan to do this and a couple other things before I jump in, because of the panic attack I had the other day.
I used some cognitive-behavioral techniques I've used in other situations that I got from a therapist. They tend to work, so if it shows results I will post it for others with severe approach anxiety, but only after I field test it more.
Later, I did kind of open a set with a hired gun (which means to me it isn't really practicing opening since she is paid to give me attention). She was only like a 4, not even worth the HB label. However, she was female and my age, and I did a lot more talking and being social than I would have in the past. I call it a victory because it was unchartered territory for me.
I learned:
That people do approach one another in this kind of setting
No one is going to come up to me and call me a freak for hanging out. It is my choice to sit around or to go make approaches. I can be comfotable in public without having to bury my head in a book or have a friend to hang out with.
Thirteen year olds are fuckin' sluts these days. I can't believe what these little girls wear. Not like when I was a kid - teenage guys have it better than I did.

06-21-2006, 03:49 PM
If you want to try opening and work your way up, just compare it to an RPG. You start off as level 1 and you can't go all the way to the top bosses or you'll get crushed right away. Start off going against some level 1s (5's) and work your way up to the next level. Once you're ok with the level 1s, go to level 2 (6's) and so on :). It'll take a bit more time but you'll eventually be able to open the HB9's and 10s easily and feel comfortable doing it.
Also, one thing that helped me when I started out was just keeping this thought in my mind while I went to open and go to A1:
You're just practice.
That way, if you screw it up, you don't feel so bad. It was practice. Nothing more.

Sun Slayer
06-23-2006, 04:19 PM
I stepped out of my comfort zone some and started making approaches yesterday. By no means did I become a PUA, but took my first baby steps. I'm continuing in this thread: