View Full Version : met a girl, went out on a date, now i think i messed up the whole text game.

12-19-2010, 05:36 AM
background info:
i met her two days ago, pretty sure i created good attraction and qualification. Then the next day, we went out on a date, nothing special, just watched movie, ate,

today i was eating at a japanese restaurant, so i texted her.

Me: "hey nightowl (nick name i gave her), im eatingat a really good japanese restaurant, we should come here sometime. "
she: "sure. if you can take me and my sis to this guy's concert, that'd be even better hehe"

me:" hey! we just started, dont' get too greedy! take it slow ;-). btw, i changed my ticket to tghe 35th, let's spend xmas eve together. i thought u were going to take a nap?"

she: " haha"

4 hrs later, i texted her

me: just saw your nightowl twin sleeping in the display window, looks just like you! i almost woke her up! what u up to?"

she: kungfu panda (my nick name), u said im greedy for asking u to take me to concert? im speechless. looks like im not good for you"

me: hahaha, can't believe you take it so seriously when i was making a small joke. i didn't say im not taking u to the concert u didnt' tell me when either :)"

she: aiyaya, you were joking? im a pretty serious person. don't think u can come with us, it starts on the 30th but you're leaving on the 25th.

then she instant texts another msg

"no girls like stingy guys. didn't u ask what my perception on taiwanese guys?tha'ts also my perception of you haha"

me: "haha, u really think im stingy? really have bad perception of me? :( "

her: im not used to lying. being stingy doesn't mean it's bad, at least not my boyfriend. at least can't make other ppl feel he's stingy. i didn't feel too happy yesterday, you shoulda felt that"

me: "i did feel a bit of that but i didn't know if i said something wrong or did something inappropriate to make u unhappy. if there's any, you have to let me know. u know im a pretty careless guy who doesn't care about small details. or i showed any sign of stinginessS? tell me?"

she: "doens't matter anymore. we can be friends now. it's really up to the fate if it's going anywhere. don't think too much about what i said, just be yourself"

I know I messed up pretty badly, what should I have said somewhere instead? What's my best move now? I feel like i failed her shit test and now she's lost her attraction and interest in me. :(

12-19-2010, 05:53 PM
Well your problem here was not the stingy issue. It was that was you reacted like a super wuss when she 'playfully' called you on it. The problem started here:

"no girls like stingy guys. didn't u ask what my perception on taiwanese guys?tha'ts also my perception of you haha

At this point my response would have been something like...

haha! Well since I am officially the world's stingiest man you can pay for my dinner at the Japanese place. And u kno I'm ordering lobster and champagne. ;)

12-19-2010, 06:04 PM
Sorry for hi-jacking your thread but I have a similar problem so I though it would be better to post it here then to create a new one.

Background history;

Met a girl at the club, HB8, took her number and we set up a date. Went on the date at friday, we ate and played pool. I did a little kino here, like holding her hips and stuff but no k-close.

After this one, I made a huge mistake...after the pool-playing...She asked me If I wanted to go to the club...her friends where there (I have never met them before). We went there, and when we got there...I kind of pussy:ed out...She was dancing with her friends and I was standing at the bar with a friend that I know, we were talking. A while later, I brought her to me and told her that I had to go, she said "OK, but we'll talk 2morrow".

30min after I left the club I sent her a text, with a humours playback from the date. The next morning when I woke up she had replied and she wrote something like "Next time I'll decide what to do (referring to the pool-playing". I sent her a text back a few hours later and wrote "Slow down missy, we'll see :p".

She didn't text me after that...

I texted her today with a humours joke and she replied after a hour, I then replied with a one-liner. She hasn't texted me yet (I know she have read the message though!)

So, what to do? Im just gonna pull the freeze here now, If she has any attraction she will text me.

Or should I do something else?

Other opionions guys? Where did it go wrong? I know i should'nt followed her to the club...

12-19-2010, 06:14 PM
Going to the club wasn't wrong IMO. You should have rocked the fucking dance floor, had some banter with her friends. And then eject if you really really had to, else ploughed on and escalated and see where it went.

Power of hindsight though..