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12-14-2010, 04:52 PM
Hey guys,

Having some issues with a girl. Normally, my best success is with "good conservative girls". But I've been talking to a girl I work with who seems sexually wild. We've had some heavy flirting in person. But because I rarely get to see her, we've been texting a lot back and forth, and the texts have started to turn sexual (Not graphic).

Example: She was partying at a strip club last night, and we were talking today about her massive hangover.
Me: "You could have gotten to bed much earlier if you came over to my place."
Her: "Who knows what time we would have gotten to bed?"

I am not sure how to react when I see her at work this coming weekend. I can't be extremely aggressive because of where we are, but I don't want to look like a pussy by just being all talk through texts.

General Info:
1. She's made it very clear she's into me, and I reciprocated.
2. We are both servers at a restaurant, but only see each other shortly as shifts change on Sundays.
3. Gaining attraction has always been my biggest sticking point. So not sure how to transfer the attraction I've created through texts to real life.
4. She initiated the texts about a week ago when she found out I broke up with my gf, we have about 1-2 texts convo's a day.

Thanks so much guys,


12-14-2010, 05:12 PM
Girls are emotional, so just because she goes sexual with you over text that day, doesn't mean she will be when you see her, especially at work.

Don't think much of it. I've gone VERY sexual via texts with girls, then the next day act like nothing happened, except I kino.

If you're worried about attraction, the main thing you want to do i act like you are the prize, tease her, laugh and smile a lot, be a challenge while still engaging her, talk to many of your associates (especially girls).

You want to be a cool, calm, collected, dominant dude. If she's sexting you like that, you've built a decent amount of attraction, so cycle attraction and comfort in person, don't worry about the sexting just yet.

BTW, have you read the Text/Phone Game book? They've got a chapter on sexual hoops and sexting. It's awesomeness.

PS: Have you hung out with her outside of work? If not, bait her with a low investment text when the text flow is at a high point with something like "Haha, you're cute. If we don't hang out soon I'm gonna start cheating on you". That line is great, works wonders for me. You wanna bang this girl. If not, I will....Kidding. Maybe?

12-14-2010, 06:25 PM
Thanks so much man. Definitely helps. Haven't hung with her outside of work. Text flow is pretty legit... Got it framed right: she is trying to win me over, built attraction, comfort, qualified. I know if I get her in a club/bar atmosphere will fuck the same night. Just concerned about at work, or even a 1-on-1 date.

12-14-2010, 07:16 PM
Of course man, that's why we're all here. Any other questions? Specifics? Is she hot? ;)

EDIT: Once you're out on the 1-1 cycle attraction and comfort.

I do this by mainly being in the comfort stage (after all you already got her out with you), asking questions, qualifying her if I like her answer, and adding my own to what she said. Then I'll tease her every so often. (Attraction)

Conversation should go like this:

(Credit Braddock)

Normal, Normal, Normal, Spike. Normal, Normal, Normal, Spike

Things to think about while on the 1-1.

1. Strong eye contact. It's key! Hold strong eye contact while listening to her. When she's done talking. Look away for a second, then turn back to her and speak while holding strong eye contact. Also, if she says something you like I will sometimes (when she finishes saying it) not say anything yet just stare her dead in the eyes, smile for a second or two, then speak. -That pause staring her dead in the eyes shows huge confidence. Girls love it. 9/10 they'll smile back and you can feel them wanting you.
2. Speak loudly, and SLOWLY. Pause every now and then, almost like a cliff hanger. It shows dominance in the conversation and confidence.
3. Body Language. Shoulders back and relaxed. Don't look around the room, shop, wherever you are. Remember you're having an awesome time with her. Don't shift your weight. Remember, Cool, Calm, Collected.
4. Smile and laugh, especially when teasing her.
5. Probably most important= KINO. Start with high-fives when she says something you like. Touch her arm, knee, etc. lightly, but don't be creepy about it. Remember physical contact between two people is normal and natural. Kiss her during the date, not at the end of the night. A great game I like playing is the "Kiss Game" (PM me if you wanna know about it)