View Full Version : my feed back(the alphabet game)

06-08-2006, 04:11 AM
note: do not care about writting mistakes, my first language is portuguese
hi guys my game is slowly improving but today i wont make questions, today i will give u a routine i created by myself and has been succecefully fieldtested, i call it abc game.
-take a note of 20usd and write on it with a pencil the whole alphabet.
PUA:are u good at english subject?
PUA:do u still know the alphabet?
SET:sure(with smile)
PUA: i will make u win a drink 4 u n ur friends,right?(take the 20usd from ur wallet).
PUA: if u say the whole alphabet without a single mistake i pay u drinks right?(pointing to target), but there is two rules,first:it has to be a bit fast. second:it has to be from the end to biginning,it means u start with Z and finish with A like ZXVU...
SET: ok(smiling)
PUA:i will give u two chances if u fail ur friend try the second,right?so lets start(u check the writting in ur note to see if she fails)
if she wins u have to pay drinks, but ever since i started using this routine nobody won.
see you bros.