View Full Version : Teen Party Game Insight: Gettin' 90% compliance to dance

11-27-2010, 05:07 PM
Hello, recently me & friends went to a party. At first, I was particularly unsociable and I just stood next to my friend, his girlfriend, and my other friendd. The lack of people whom I really knew was debilitating to me and was causing me to have a bad time. Nevertheless, I knew I hadda' make some moves and talk some people with breasts.

I head to the dance floor where I see girls grinding with guys on the mirrored-walls. I looked like a predator to the 500th power. I somehow managed to come out of my funk and get 2 girls to dance with me( One which only danced for 2 seconds. :() As I walk back to my friends wishing I had more alcohol in my system so I can have fun(Bad philosophy). I noticed a friend I haven't seen in a whilee. Instantly, I got happier and felt more sociable 'cause I was finally there with someone whom I knew all my life. Immediately, he pushes me to go get some dances, and maQk with some girls.

Whilst, doing so I noticed that whenever I went up to a girl and her social group and simply just asked "Are you tryna; dance?" I would almost always get a No. Regardless of how attractive I am, or how my body language was. However, I decided that I was going to take more risks and attempt different methods of asking for a dance.

Grabbing a girl from behind and asking to dance: I tried this on approx. 5 different girlss. Whaa I noticed was it conveyed high confidence thus giving me a higher compliance rate, buhh not the rate I wanted. I got a 2 dances from this methodd, both short-lived and did not turn into a conversationn.

Approaching the group with kino: I would approach the group, and immediately put my hands on both of the girls shoulders in a friendly way, and make a joke about them. Ex. "You guys have been standing here for like 3 hours. Either you're just not cool enough, or can't dance". Lol, to my surprise my compliance seemed to be lower with this method. I did manage to get a few #'s at the end of the party thoughh.

Being high-energy, and grabbing the girls' hand: I used this method most of the nightt. I basically would approach a group of girls and be smiling and having a good time. Then, I would initiate friendly kino like above, buhh then I would assume she was going to dance with me and I would say "Come throughhh, we're dancing" and grab her hand and make her follow me. 80-90% of the time, they would come with me. If they didn't, I would just laugh it off, and go backk to my friendsss.

That's just my lay-report/insight of last night's party that I attended. It was pretty good, I had a lot of fun. Remember: just have fun, and rejection is fun. It gives you something you laugh about when you remember how fun the night was and how many girls you danced with alreadyyy. Owwww ;)