View Full Version : New to the site, but lookin for some advice!!

11-18-2010, 12:37 PM
Hey guys my names Giovanni I jst recently joined the site lookin for some help in some difficult areas. Ok here's the situation. I jst moved to germany from utah ( bein in the military orig from Cali.) and I have gone out to the pubs a couple times in a college town and small surrounding towns to jst have a good time and maybe pick up on some chicks. I do not speak German (yet
Tht is) And only speak English and spNish. It seems when I try to intiAte a conversation I am put down either by the language barrier or jst becuz I'm an American. How to I push around this subject knowing tht about 99% of the young women in germany speak English becuz it is a requirement in there schooling? Do I jst keep tryin to talk to them with interesting conversation? Jst seem interested? After blwn off do not try again? Remind u this is at pubs so no dancing or actual activity is goin on other then drinkin and talkin pretty much. So the next step is?

11-18-2010, 02:39 PM
well I doubt you have time to learn german so it would have to be other stuff that needs fixing.

its most likely your opener, its probably either weak, or you have bad body language or a combination of things(and then ultimately they just use the american excuse to get rid of you)

read up on some routines, the book magic bullets etc.

but if you can give us a field report or more detailed exchange from the pubs, then we can probably pinpoint where you go wrong(and if the girls are truly rejecting you just because you're american, thats very strange).

11-21-2010, 03:21 PM
i also live in a german speaking country and the girls find it cute when u try and at least speak some german. even if its totally wrong...they think its cute. your right the most part speak good english anyway. now my german is pretty good so i can get away with english or german but the point it that language shouldn't be a barrier, your game is the only reason why your not having the success u deserve! the only things i find hard is trying to be cocky funny with one liners, sometimes i need to repeat myself or explain what i mean as they dont understand it. can be frustrating and it loses the point/momentum of the interaction.

stick at it and learn a bit of german, its cute trust me...then continue as normal in english, just dont talk too fast.