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06-04-2006, 10:41 AM
Hi folks,
I know that I should start with stock material, but I just couldn't really feel comfortable with everything so I tried to develop something on my own, so here's how it goes:
Me: "Hi, I need an opinion (should work on mixed sets too), what do you think: Do girls usually say what they mean, or they rather hide things behind to "let you know" someting?"
Set: Blah, blah, (who cares)
Me: "Ok, what about situation like that: a girl tells a guy that she "never betrayed him while being with him", is she simply stating a fact or she is giving him a hint that she already slept with someone since break-up"?
Set: Blah, blah, "it depends", "who nows"...
Me: "Cause we have this friend, John, and he broke up with his girlfriend a month ago and she just told him that she "never betrayed him while being with him" and he is wondering what she truly meant.
Set: "Oh, she probably", blah, blah
Me: "So this guy is wandering whether she's just trying to turn him up so he would fight for her, or she didn't mean anything special"
Set: Blah, blah
[next routine]
Ok, the story is actually true. I used it on 4 sets and it opened all of them. I still suck cause I wasn't able to go on so I just ejected, but still, the opener works.
I'm waiting for your comments, opinions and critique.
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06-04-2006, 12:12 PM
or a conclusion
it gets repetious in your 2 last interventions...
you should also prepare variables
let s say the girl says
1) girls always say what they re thinking
2) girls sometimes say what they re thinking
then you should move on depending on 1 and 2
example if she say 1 you go with :( to the target) " ok, let s say you see this super cool handsome popular guy, like the guy of your dream. you really dig him and you d like to sleep with him, would you tell him "
obviously she d say " no "
then you trip her up by saying she contradict herself and say something like " you look honest at 1rst but your a liar...your a bad girl ( and i like it)...i cant talk to you anymore "
step back and look at her keep smiling
she will try explain herself to you = validation seeking
then go with your next routine and dont let her time to explain herself
maybe try a compliance test afterwords in your 1rst routine

06-04-2006, 12:28 PM
Thanks for the input. It's amazing what a different point of view/experience can give.
How about this for a punch line (after this backtwist of yours with contradicting herself):
"Girls are so complicated, you never know what they actually think. For instance If I liked you [pointing to the target] I would tell you that you are beautiful or something, it makes matters a lot easier because If I don't say that, then I'm plainly not interested (with a huge smile)" It also combines a sort of neg :)
Another one for ending:
"So if you guys wanted (theoretically of course ;) to keep me talking to you, would you say "Please stay" or rather say somethin else to keep conversation going?". If they say "Something else" I say: "Then keep talking or I'm leaving" (laughing).
More input apreciated :)
"Those that don't hunt - don't eat"

06-04-2006, 12:40 PM
your on the right track
the 1rst neg is very solid
to use effectivly on an hb11, or a snob-ish 10 ish
go field test those give me some news