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06-03-2006, 05:26 PM
Ok, this hasn't happened to me before.
This girl has been attracted to me a LONG time, and I've about just talked to her once in real life, and I talk to her all the time on msn. We live far appart, but I've not invested so much interest to get together. Anyways, she said she had feelings for me today(she couldn't describe it, she said it was so funny to talk to me, and she had this feeling when she talked to me), and she was angry on herself because she "knew" that I didn't had same feelings for her. (I was together with her friend but, that's not anymore). Anyways, I said that she was wrong. I didn't say it directly out that I liked her, she asked if I had feelings, and I said maybe(didn't want to be wussy, saying "I love you and blahblah" so I kept it mysterious). But then she asks "why?".
Where the hell do I go from here? I KNOW that I have not showed her so much IOI. But, how do I turn it around?
I think the answer is to get together with her one day. And I did try that, but she couldn't that day, so I haven't set up another day. I think I'll get together with her one day and see how it goes..
what's your oppinion?

06-03-2006, 06:01 PM
First off, i am eating this new cranberry almond cereal, and i must say, it is the most phenomenal tasting cereal i have ever had (totally random, i know, but DAMN it is good)
Moving on...
I wouldnt have said she was wrong. She asked Why? Thats bad. You have attraction, Schedule a meet than go A3(A3 is important!!)..."look, i dont know you well enough to say i have feelings for you, but you seem cool enough for me to hang out with...so, what are you gonna cook for me? (or whatever TB you wish) Then, go from there, A3 and on when you see her, you know the rest of the drill.
This one shoulda been easy...you know that next time. Remember, you have to give her a reason why you like her other than her looks. Otherwise you get the "why".
When a girl tells a PUA she likes him, he should think what i actually tell girls when they say this: Well... you are female.

06-03-2006, 06:06 PM
girls is to pua - as milk is to cereal.