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06-03-2006, 10:38 AM
Hey guys, im looking to do the mystery workshop but I have one main concern which is because the method is becoming so mainstream that with the material used for DHV such as palm reading etc that girls are going to pick up on it and recognise when I guy approaches and uses opinion openers that that guy is just like the rest us
what do you think?

06-03-2006, 10:49 AM
Adapt and evolve to the changing dynamic of the game.
This is a little excerpt from something I had written a while ago:
You guys also DO know that paranoia from anticipating sets hearing it all before is EXTREMELY unjustified?
You guys DO know that it's the DELIVERY of the material that matters, and not the actual WORDS?
You guys also DO know that Mystery's instructors use this exact stock material to demonstrate this IN-FIELD, even after students have gamed the EXACT SAME SETS with the EXACT SAME MATERIAL, and still pull the set?
You guys also DO know that using FIELD-PROVEN stock material is the FASTEST way to calibrate yourself in the field, especially if you are COMPLETELY NEW to the community?
Cedar himself admitted to this... after his most recent MM Bootcamp in San Francisco, he is now reverting back 100% to STOCK MATERIAL after seeing the instructors do it in-field. He admitted to WASTING the past SIX MONTHS trying to internalize his own individual material because it was RETARDING his development. I myself am tearing apart my previous "unique" routine set and will be forcing myself to use 100% STOCK MATERIAL for the next few months to re-sharpen my game at lightspeed. I've been away from sarging for the past month or so in order to complete my university studies. Now that I'm DONE, game on!
Plus, this topic is beaten to death by newbies who are afraid of being called out. When you get to a certain level of development, you'll realize that the material doesn't matter and you lose the fear.