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06-01-2006, 07:28 PM
Alright there is this girl I like, I was gaming her but school ended and I fell out of touch. I called her the other day to try to set up a date at the movies but she didn't answer and when she called back it was too late, also during the conversation I bombed during the conversation and said I would call her back but didn't. Anyways, I normally don't have trouble asking girls out somewhere but I want to make this work. I have tried to take her out before but I call when she is visiting her dad or having to work or something. I am pretty sure she is sincere about these excuses.
Can somebody give me a pretty detailed layout of what I should do. Like how I should ask cuz I know you really are suppose to tell them to come not ask and how I should plan it out. All we really have here in Huntsvegas Alabama aka Booresville is a park, movies, and mall so yeah.
Oh and I'm believe her parents won't let her stay out late at night so something out late is out of the question.
One more thing, I haven't got my driver's license yet and am planning to test for it on next Tuesday so should I wait for the license?
Thanks Buddies!:cool:

06-01-2006, 08:34 PM
Okay, before I fire off a "Worst of..." with a big red thumbs down, I realize that you are new and young, so I will help you.
Here is your detailed layout of what to do:
Go here. Now.
Next, realize you have what we call oneitis. It's a disease. It's the disease of trying to game "this one girl." We game girls not girl. Your job is to get over it as fast as possible.
Also, asking guys on the board to give you a "pretty detailed layout of what to do" is extremely not cool. Your job is to learn as much as you can and make your OWN layout and ask about specifics.
Having a drivers license and a car at your age is what we call a DHV (a Demonstration of Higher Value). Your job is to get your license ASAP.
Your job over your summer vacation is to read. Read, read, read, read. A lot of guys don't like school reading, but this is fun reading. Read this site from top to bottom. Pick guys that post that you like and read every word they wrote...twice. Then contact them privately, tell them you like their work and then ask for their advice. Most of them will be MORE than happy to help you.
As for "that one girl" you mentioned...it sounds like she's not interested. So your job this summer - more important than the 50 other jobs I've given you and your actual money making job - is to go out and meet girls. Tons of them. Talk to every girl you meet. Meet every girl you want to talk to.
After you have completed those things, the guys can help you.

06-01-2006, 08:54 PM
WHOA WHOA WHOA........just hear me out...................Man was the post that bad? Better check myself.........No I know all the DHV and oneitis stuff......its not that...........There is more to this story I just didnt want to write a page and a half.....I'll try to still not write that much .............IF I CAN PULL THIS OFF.......I CAN FINALLY GET SOME BELIEVERS, Ive ran sucessful game on girls be4 and was doin so on this girl but I want to pull this one off so good that the guys back here will be like "Wow, you know what u talkin bout.......teach me" and I will be like....."I cant but i can put u in the rite direction and we will learn together." See its kinda like a bet but just to prove myself which will prove to the others. Oh and I'm sure it wasn't intentional but great neg man......U threatened with the worst post but said I was new so it was understandable.......I wonder if that is becuz u programmed urself to act that way......or am I just looking at everything in terms of "The Game?"
But yeah....I'll try not to make a post like this again.