View Full Version : Period Lmr- caught me by surprise!

06-01-2006, 12:33 PM
So i had taken a few weeks off with the old ltr (first ltr, we banged twice, including losing my vcard). She ims me one day and we begin talking. We agree to meet up in a few nights, we do and i blow it, not congruent, not "Dream" like. My objective was to bang her and get back in the relationship with her. She tried to befriend me but i got around that, still everything went bad though.
Next day we agree to meet again. We meet up and i give her a speech (honestly i was out of ideas so i did what i thought was right).
It went something like this.
(alpha voice)
sit down
"do you have faith in me?"
do you trust me?
Ok listen up then, i hate to do this but im giving you an ultimatum.
Dont interrupt and hear me out.
You can choose option a, you walk out the door and we never communicate again.
or option b
first let me say that (picked up voice a little), I am the fucking tribal leader of my social group (ty mystery). The reason our relationship didnt work before is because were both to stubborn and we wouldnt let the other be dominant. Well weve figured out that im more stubborn than you. I am a man, a fucking leader, and not a follower. Now your second choice is to go into the bedroom and we have make up sex for like 4 hours and begin the relationship weve both always wanted.
So either a walk out the door and we never talk again or b go into the bedroom and take off your fucking clothes woman(ha thx mystery).
Dont answer with a stupid fucking question or even words, make a decision and take action.
By the look in her eye it seemd to be working. Then i heard somethin that rattled through my ears, something i overlooked and wasnt prepared for.
"ya i want to have sex but im on my period"
i stay calm but in my head im like shit lmr im not prepared for.
I dont care, make a decison.
Ya but my friend melita did it once and it was a mess.
I dont give a fuck make a decision.
Okay since you have faith in me, give me 30 mins, stay here or go get lunch. Ill be back in 30 mins and ill have figured out what to do (ha by doin a search on here).
She said she wanted to eat lunch with me, i insisted on the 30 min break so i could figure out what the fuck to do.
We ended up arguing a second the im like whatever and we walked out. I gave her the 14 bucks i owed her for an umbrella and that was it.
Lesson learned, be prepared.:(
Any advice on gettin her back?
She may have well been on her period but from what ive read its not really a problem, i acted like it wasnt at the time to. I probably should have said ok well fuck in the shower or something but like i said i wasnt prepared.
Note im leaving in 3 weeks so i am time constrainted.
ty in advance