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05-2006-31, 08:28 PM
ok, so heres the deal...
I have a crush on one of my friends, and she's the most beautiful girl that i have ever known, and me and here known for about 4 years now, and we know each other really well, but she is dating some guy who she thinks is the rite one...but i don't think so, I mean she barely knows him, she only knew for about a month...wtf? so does anyone have any pointers on how to win her Heart...anyone?
I know she truly cares about me, will she said herself, that she cares about me, because I tryed in the past to end my life, but she's the only reason i'm still alive, and something is telling me that me and her belong together, and I need to find out on how to win her heart! PLEASE!!!!:confused:

06-2006-01, 01:00 AM
I've been in a similar situation...a little less severe I think tho...but i totally fucked it up...i'll tell u how, and maybe you can avoid doing what I did (wrong)
I told my friends about it...and they told her and made me look like a psycho...
I confessed my "love" to her and after there I had no chance in hell I got the "maybe if it was later" blah blah "i'm not looking for a relathionship right now" (needless to say she got back into one with a new guy like 2 months after that)...this girl cared about me a lot but she still enver game me a "shot"...
what I should of done...(I think)
NOT be soo needy
NOT tell her i'm so into u, blah blah...
grew some balls and made a fuckin move...not fuckin talking to her over the internet or anything gay like that...
but bro, try and find some other girls to game, there are so many girls out there...the girl that I was referring too, I don't even talk to anymore and I don't even really like, lol...and to think I was head over heels for her, what a joke...since then I've found numerous other girls and currently a girl that is amazing, back then I thought i'd never meet a girl ike her...but trust me, you'll meet one BETTER...so don't get depressed, hang out with ur friends, sarge chicks and see what happends...

06-2006-01, 01:22 AM
By properly understanding yourself, you can internalize and comprehend the nature of everything else in the world. This is to say that, you need some confidence in yourself. Rather than thinking she cares for you, you should know, because you have to believe you are a valuable human being with qualities beyond that of the guy she likes. Inner game extrapolates into outter game and that's the thing. You can only convince her that you are the guy for her when you can convince yourself. Once you have that sort of confidence, it's just a matter of kino kino kino, and telling her how you feel, and you should be there.

06-2006-01, 01:23 AM
Normally I would would just dismiss you with "One-Itis - get a grip of yourself" but...... I feel your pain so here goes:
You think that this one girl is the only one for you?
I have had 4 major one-itis cases.
All of which had boyfriends that I didn't think was right for her
All of which I thought "She is absolutely perfect for me!"
All of which I thought "There could be no-one else but her"
All of which I wanted to spend the rest of my life with
All of which ..... i could go on for ages!!
They were all perfect for me.
Wait a minute - 4 girls that were all perfect for me and there could be no-one else? How does that work?
I bet you are this super nice guy when you are around her. Why shouldn't you be nice? You love her? - That is NOT how her attraction mechanisms work
Attraction isn't a Choice. Attraction is required for a woman to want a man.
Have you ever been lying in your bed crying away to yourself about how the girl of your dreams doesn't want you and she should be? I HAVE. Cried like a little bitch for hours over it.
There is other women out there that you can relate to, and have fun with, they too can be right for you - TRUST ME.
You have to drop this one. DROP IT. This shit will consume you.
You really should pick up some of David D's stuff. He explains your situation down to the nub. Kill thy inner wuss.
I would suggest getting David D's "Double Your Dating (http://affiliate.doubleyourdating.com/dt.asp?a=CD1237&b=2&o=)" Ebook, His Advaced DVD series, and after you have learnt all that his Mastery Series. This will help you understand your situation and why you need to move on. It will give you a much more solid understanding of who you are.
There is no advice for you other than Move On and Develop yourself.
We don't live in a fairy tale world......
I wish we did...... I WISH we did.

06-2006-01, 01:24 AM
check out this quote from the FAQ

Q: There is this ONE girl I have [a date with, a class with, an interest in, a compulsion to meet]. I know her from [class, work, a bar/club I frequent] and she is really special, so I don’t want to fuck things up. What do I do???
A: Mystery Method is not about getting that ONE girl. It's about improving your skill with ALL girls. Individual girls are irrelevant while building these skills. Two thousand women turn 21 (or any other age) in the US EVERY DAY. There is NO reason to focus your attention on a relationship you ALREADY FUCKED UP. We refer to this mind set as on-itis. Please read this article by Gonz and this article by Manipulator.
clearly you have not read the FAQ...consider this your warning...NO ONE-ITIS POSTS...thread closed.