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05-2006-30, 08:46 PM
Hey guys,
I just recieved an email regarding a position in my field that could be potentially very rewarding for my career...in the Netherlands. I am unsure of where exactly right now, but am hoping for an overall synopsis from someone who has been/lives there. Women, culture, people, nightlife, etc. type advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks for the help.

05-2006-30, 08:51 PM
Try posting this in the right forum...

05-2006-30, 09:25 PM
ya, i was wondering about that...i found OT to be better, because im not looking to meet up or find wingmen, im just looking for information...nonetheless, not my decision...

06-2006-16, 03:31 PM
Hey mate,
I can't offer the be all and end all to the netherlands, but I visit the country once a month for a week at a time, sometimes two weeks, which gives me the weekend to go out and play. The main region I can offer advice on is the south east corner of the netherlands (Limberg province).
Firstly, it's a schooling requirement for all dutch kids to be fluent in two languages when they leave school, therefore everyone in the country is fluent in dutch and english. And I don't mean pigeon english, I mean to the extent that when they talk amongst themselves they go in and out of dutch and english = No problem worrying about the language barrier.
Secondly, the majority of big towns/ cities are very cosmopoliton. Everyone is very stylish, takes care of their appearance and are very trendy. I don't wish to stereotype, but from my experience, the young generation like to socialise in a civil way, so no binge drinking of a weekend more long discussions with friends over a few drinks. However, saying that, there is a massive clubbing scene over there especially if your into DJ's like Tiesto, Armen Van Buren etc.
Thirdly, I have found that Dutch women to be very forward in talking about things to talk about if you know what I mean, so chit chat is ok for a short while, but they love to talk in depth about politics, the world, art etc.
Having travelled all over the world with work and when I was in the army, I would say that the dutch people are the nicest, most warming and hospitipal nation I have ever come across. If I had to move out of the uk to anywhere in the world, then the Netherlands would be my first choice.
Hope this can be of some help

07-2006-07, 06:59 AM
Hey ho,
I'm a student in Utrecht (21 years old) and I loved to read the information reply about the Dutch people and The Netherlands itself.
I can only say...I feel flattered and IT'S ALL TRUE!!! ;)
Maybe a few adjustments or adds could be nice here:
- First...Dutch women indeed do like to talk about art, politics and stuff...but they mainly appreciate it when a foreigner likes to talk about politics at home compared to Dutch politics or habits and stuff. Or about life in his home nation and why he is in The Netherlands.
- Dutch women will surely like the fact that you are foreign...that works really well if you're out of openers. Just go to a group of women and tell them you're foreign and that you are looking for good restaurants...concerts, good clubs etcetera.
But they can be very defensive to go for real interactions and kino. They think easily, particularly in big cities that you could maybe be a thief or something. So comfort building is very important, much more than I experienced in the UK or Paris. Your opener can be really anything...You can say just about anything stupid these days (from pigeons in The Hague to the floor in the club), its about the story/things you will talk about after your opener.
Weird openers do the trick for me in Holland...like: "Did you know that you use 18 muscles to establish a smile on your face".

07-2006-07, 10:35 PM
Hi I'm from Holland. Women don't usually get approached that much, especially when you compare this with countries like France, Spain or Italy. Probably all women talk English and it's a thing dutch people are often proud of. So probably a lot of people want to talk English with you to show their language-speaking skills. Mostly they are a big reserved a lot of women here don't know really how to flirt if you compare it with women from other countries.