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05-30-2006, 08:36 AM
But unfortunately it only works for me. Seriously.
True story. uber condensed but you will get the jist.

"I was dating this girl for about 4 years. she came from this well-to-do family and i came from a family that had to live in a car from time to time. Eventually my family came across some money and it was looking more and more like i was going to marry her. I moved to chicago to pursue college so I could have a way of supporting her. the distance was starting to kill us and i ran into a bad luck streak. One of my friends committed suicide, another one got into a near fatal car accident, both my parents lost their jobs, my school loans fell through so i was looking like i would have to move back home. Now my girl, as much as she loved me having come from a well to do family, her biggest complaint was winning second place at a bikini contest,(SPIKE!) so she really didnt know how to act. I used to work phones for a suicide hotline(softy spike) and i learned that when someone is in shambles they dont expect you to know what to do, but just to listen. all you have to do is just shut the fuck up and pay attention. To show her that i just wanted her to be there for me and that i didnt need her to fix my problems, i spent a month learning her favorite song on guitar(spike, introducing you musical skills is much better than saying "i play guitar slut"). Its this elaborate japanese fingerpicking song. I started to feel good about things, and a week before she was going to come to visit me i was at work doing a double shift at this ice cream shop. I was sitting there thinking about all the messed up things that happened to me and i took a deep breath that initially was a deep breath of remorse but as i let it out i thought of how her eyes would glow when i played the song for her. I started making another batch of ice cream in our industrial mixer and i stuck my finger into the spout to remove a peanut, and this happened (at this point i show them my index finger and how part of it is missing) The machine malfunctioned and i lost part of my finger. This really through me into a sling of depression and my girlfriend couldnt handle it. We parted ways 3 months later. Needless to say i was devestated. After my finger healed, well healed as much as it could, i started dating around again, my father and mother both got great jobs, i didnt have to leave school and i got a new job workin for yahoo. I tried picking up the guitar again but the nerve on my index finger was shot so everytime i would press down it felt like hot coals were being pressed in my arm. I still kept on though. i thought if i relearned the song and show her that i've gotten my life back in order we could possibly get back together. after a couple more months of practice i figured out a way to play it minimizing the agony of a shot nerve. I called her up to see if we could get coffee and she informed me of how happy she was with her new boyfriend and how things really changed for her. I heared a tone of voice from her that i havent heard since we originally started dating. She was truely happy. At this point i thought to myself, the entire reason i dated her was to make her as happy as i could, but never realized that she could be happier without me. In essence by letting her go i was doing what i originally wanted by making her happy. Yeah it sucks, but you know there are options out there. im sure ill meet someone that can make me as happy as her new boyfriend made her. funny part is, to this day she still doesnt know i learned the song from her...
at this point pretty much anything can be said to her with the same results.... i usually just grunt and point at my crotch.
anyways... true story and unless you got a missing part of a finger this probably wont work as well.... but you can always adapt!