View Full Version : Who here sarges with prop bags?

05-29-2006, 04:49 PM
First of all, I havent been posting that much lately, because I have been OUT IN THE FIELD! If you havent been OUT IN THE FIELD lately STOP posting now, and GO THERE!
We all know that little games and fun, interesting items are great for DHVs, but where to keep all your stuff? You dont want to walk around with your pockets looking like a squirrels cheeks full of nuts! (not gay squirrels, you guys minds are in the gutter!)
I've heard Mystery and others mention prop bags, but what the hell do you carry?? I think Mystery mentioned a lunchbox once but I couldnt see myself lugging that around with me all night. Thats a whole kino hand being used by a lunchbox!
What about bags that dont take up a hand (or risk getting stolen/lost). Man purses? Real stylin' peacocked FANNY PACKS (Bum Bags for you brits :p )??
I can't picture going out with any of these, but at the same time thing a prop bag would be super useful. So anyone who does sarge with one please post with what you use, and maybe even whats in it!